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Chinese Scooters

Chinese Scooters

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When it comes to buying any kind of hardware today, especially vehicles, it pays to be vigilant. Buying a good quality scooter, for example, can take a fair amount of work. At Direct Bikes, though, we look to make sure you spend a whole lot less of your time making a decision. With one of our scooters, you can make a purchase you can feel 100% confidence in.

If you see the idea of riding around on a scooter as being the right choice for you, it’s a good investment. The main consideration that you likely have, though, is making sure that you buy the right “kind” of scooter. Many famous scooter brands produce Chinese scooters.

Chinese scooters have a tremendous reputation

At Direct Bikes, we are proud to deliver some of the best bikes manufactured in China. Our models go through the most strenuous deciding making process during their construction. We ensure that every part of the scooter is looked at, with the entire body and technical side of the bike triple-checked. This allows us to know that every model that we take off the line is 100% ready to be on the roads of the UK.

With our scooters from China, you are buying a top quality model that arrives without any issues. All of our bikes go through a serious testing process when in China and as they arrive in the UK. This allows us to make sure that the bike is blemish free both aesthetically and technically. This means that you can get on one of our bikes and easily enjoy your ride without any second thoughts or uncertainty. If you would like to make sure that your bike purchase is one that you can enjoy, buy from Direct Bikes.

Why? Because we care about the quality of our models. We don’t just sell bikes that you can use for a short space of time and then have to replace. Cared for properly, a Direct Bikes scooter could last you for a long, long time to come. With all of our models built with modern specifications and features, too, you aren’t buying an old-school or vintage-feeling scooter. You are buying something new, fresh, and exciting. Does that not sound like a wise investment for you moving forward?

Buying the best bike for your budget

At Direct Bikes, we make sure that all of our Chinese scooters are sold at a great price. For example, our 50cc scooter models start at just £959. This gives you access to a tremendously good value bike, making sure you can buy a brand new model for less than four figures. This is a major reason why many people choose to use our biking expertise to buy from.

With our bikes, you know that you are buying quality Chinese built models whilst getting an excellent price for doing so. Not only is this going to be great for making sure you can get a budget-friendly bike, but it will ensure you can buy a tremendous bike for the long-term.

Our bikes are not just built to be used for small journeys, either. We have 125cc bikes starting at just £1,099. These are perfect for longer rides, so if you wish to go cross-country and the like you easily can. It’s a great choice for those who want a more open-minded kind of scooter. So, why not take a look at our bike options today and pick up something truly worthwhile?

Not got the upfront money?

Don’t worry about that. At Direct Bikes, we offer a budget-friendly finance program that you can easily use. With our help, you can buy one of our brand new scooters and pick up a buy without paying an excess. This allows you to pick up your bike without having to spend the cash upfront. By using our payment finance system, you can get up to £5,000 borrowed. Given that this is repayable across a whopping 60 months, you can make plenty of time to make your repayments!

This is a big reason why we recommend that you think about getting a bike from Direct Bikes. With our repayment system, you can get an affordable loan that allows you to buy a scooter, or scooters, from our store. With easy and secure payment and long-term finance even for those with poor credit ratings, we make buying nice and easy.

So, why not come and take a look at our finance system today? You might just find it’s the change that you need. So, why stress about paying for your scooter when we can make managing and handling the payments so simple and easy?

Buying Chinese scooters has never been easier

One thing that we are proud of about all of our scooters is the ease of purchase. If you wish to buy from Direct Bikes, then all that you need to do is go and visit our store. Once you check out our online website, you can find all of our bikes listed. Then, you simply need to go to the bike that you wish to purchase, hit ‘Add to Cart’, and go through with the purchase.

Using our SSL-secured website, you can securely make your payment without any privacy concerns. Payment will be pushed through our service, and you can then choose a delivery time and date. Our team will start arranging delivery of your bike within 1-3 working days of your payment coming through.

Since we deliver all across the UK, we make it easy for bikers to pick up a quality vehicle without having to come pick it up. So, why not take a look at the top quality vehicles that we have for you to pick from?

With a Chinese scooter, you can make a purchase that feels easier than ever to go through with. Why not make sure you can get your scooter discovered, paid for, and delivered all in a short space of time?


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