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Cheap Moped

Cheap Moped

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When you intend to buy a moped, one thing you might be uncertain of is price. Price is a tricky thing to gauge when looking at bike models. For example, someone might offer to sell you a cheap moped…what does cheap mean in the moped industry?

Like any other industry, cheapness is totally subjective. What you can and cannot afford is down to you personally. Nobody else can tell you what you can or cannot afford. Instead, you just need to set a budget in mind. What is a cheap moped to you, then?

Typically, someone looking to pay around £800 to £1,200 would be considered buying a ‘cheap moped’. But cheapness is often seen as a negative in the auto industry. Is that really fair? We don’t think so. Cheapness often means getting excellent value for money. It might mean waiting for a sale, or it might mean simply capitalising on a good deal. Whatever you do, you will find that you can buy a cheap moped with relative ease. You just need to know what you are looking for. Here is some inspiration for buying a cheap moped that will be sure to be a good deal.

Work out what your ideal top speed is

The cheapness of any moped is determined almost entirely by its top speed. Top speed is determined by the size of the engine. If you wish to buy a high quality vehicle, then you need to buy a vehicle with a good top speed. Typically, someone who is looking for a cheap moped will be looking at a bike in the 50cc to 125cc range.

Normally, a 50cc moped is going to be able to do speeds of around 30 miles per hour. Some are capped at less than this, though. The majority of 50cc mopeds, though, can move at 30mph. Is that enough for you? This is something that you absolutely need to look at. What if you need more speed?

Then you could look at buying something faster instead. As mentioned above, 125cc bikes are commonly the next step up. A cheap 125cc moped is going to be around £1,100 up to about £1,800 depending on what model you buy. Once you know what your ideal top speed is, though, you should have a much greater idea of what models to rule out/in.

Where will you use your moped?

Another factor in buying a cheap moped is where you will drive it. Someone who is buying a moped to do deliveries, say of fast food, could get by with a 30mph, 50cc model. For example, the 50cc Ninja is a popular choice for young drivers and delivery drivers. Sleek yet comfortable, the Ninja ensures that you can sit on this for a long commute without discomfort.

It’s become a popular choice if you are looking for something primarily residential. However, if you wish to get something a bit more race-ready, then you might want to look at something like the 125cc Lynx. The Lynx has become a particularly good choice for many riders, offering a fully Automatic transmission. You can simply tug on the handlebars and pick up pace. This is good for those who want a moped that they could drive for longer distances.

The Lynx is faster than the Ninja by about double, but the Ninja is ideal for inner-city and residential driving. That is why so many delivery drivers look to invest in the Ninja; they want something they can drive and handle easily without incurring large fuel costs.

Finding your ideal bike design

Another factor that should come into your purchase is buying a bike that you can sit on comfortably. If you choose to buy a smaller moped, you might find that you are too tall for it. Buy a larger moped, though, and you might feel too small. This is generally an awfully hard balance to strike. We recommend that you measure out the size specifications for any bike that does catch your eye. For example, the Cruiser from Direct Bikes is quite a large bike. It has plenty of storage space on board, and it has a maximum load of around 150kgs. This gives you a bike that is going to be suitable for making sure you have a bike that is good for taller, larger people.

While not always the case, most of the time a 125cc bike is going to have a higher maximum load mass than a 50cc model. Most 50cc models, though, can be suitable for people right up to around 6ft tall and beyond. Just make sure you buy a cheap moped that you can ride with total comfort. It’s vital that you can move freely when on your bike.

Buying with Direct Bikes

We would recommend that anyone looking to make a purchase on a cheap moped does so through our team at Direct Bikes. We have some excellent quality bikes that you could use for just about any purpose that you have in mind. With Direct Bikes, you can get a bike that is going to be totally suited to your driving needs if you follow the above criteria.

It will help you to pick out a bike that is going to be fast enough, suitable enough, and large enough. Don’t settle for a bike that is not the right size, speed, or strength for your actual needs. When you make the investment with Direct Bikes, you are buying a brand new bike that can be delivered right to your door. This means buying something like the 125cc Python, and then simply waiting for the bike to arrive. Most of the time, delivery is completed in just three working days. One-day delivery options are also available.

Best of all? With Direct Bikes, you are buying from passionate experts. Just tell the staff member you speak to what kind of bike you want/need, and they’ll help you to choose. This should give you the assistance that you need to pick out a model that feels like a good pick for your lifestyle and budget. So, remember that simply being a cheap moped does not mean it’s the right purchase for you. It has to be right for you as well, not only cheap.


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