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Cheap Mopeds 50cc for Sale

Cheap Mopeds 50cc for Sale

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Are you sick of taking public transport? No wonder. The average cost of public transport in the United Kingdom can be shocking. People are easily paying thousands of pounds every single year to get public transport, such as buses and trains, across the country. If you need to rely on this for your daily commute, though, you could be spending thousands of pounds per annum. One thing to think about, though, is the high cost of inner-city transport. If you want to get the bus/train to work from your part of town to another, you could be spending a lot of money!

That’s why we recommend that anyone thinking about doing this buys an alternative. For example, have you ever looked at buying a moped? You should. For those who are new to driving, you can easily find cheap mopeds 50cc for sale. With a 50cc moped, you can easily get around your part of town and see the city much easier than before. Learning to drive one is easy, they are very cheap to run, and the price of buying a moped is very affordable.

Not sure if a moped is for you? Then read on. We’ll break down all of the crucial factors involved in picking out the best and most reliable mopeds at 50c for sale.

What is a 50cc moped?

A 50cc moped is a motor powered scooter that uses a 50 Cubic Centimetre (CC) engine. This means the engine is capable of producing speeds of around 30mph. That might not sound like much, but 50cc engines are made for local travel. If most of your travelling day-to-day involves using a bus or train in the city, you could easily use a 50cc moped instead. Why?

Because these are capable of the speeds mentioned above. In a residential area, that is more than fast enough. In fact, most of the time you are more likely to be limited to around 20mph. Keep that in mind, and if your driving is all about staying local then you don’t really need anything faster. In just about any town/city setup, going any faster than 30mph is likely to be very hard.

Mopeds also allow you to easily move through traffic, meaning that your speed is easily compensated for. You can often cut vital minutes off a home commute compared to what it would take you in a car. It’s a big reason why we all recommend that you look to invest in a 50cc moped meant to help you keep moving forward. For more help in making a choice about your chosen vehicle for the year, we recommend that you consider buying a moped. It’s likely to be make local transport much easier.

Is 30mph fast enough for a motorway?

The main limitation with driving a 30mph is that you probably cannot sustain driving on a motorway. On British motorways, you often need to be doing anything above 50mph to feel as if you are in control. Maxed out at 30mph, you will be screeching your way to your chosen destination on the motorway. While you can legally go on the motorway with a 30mph moped, it’s likely not enough to gain proper traction. What could you do?

You could instead choose to go down the simpler route of trying a larger moped. A 125cc moped, for example, will be good enough for a motorway. They can often hit speeds of around 60mph, which is far more successful when it comes to safely driving on the motorway. Keep that in mind as you look around, and you should find it all a bit easier to pick out the model most suited to you personally. If you are serious about buying a bike or moped that is suitable for a motorway, though, avoid 50cc. Your best bet is to go for a faster model at 125cc or above.

Many cheap mopeds 50cc for sale are available across the United Kingdom. For a motorway journey, though, it might not be powerful enough overall.

Consider the running cost, too

However, one thing to note about just about all cheap mopeds 50cc for sale in the UK is fuel efficiency. You will normally find that you pay far less for transport costs than you would have if you were using a moped over a car. With a moped, especially one at 50cc, getting 100 miles of distance for every gallon of petrol is very much a common occurrence. Compare that to the price of what you would pay for a car in terms of petrol, and it’s easy to see why so many get involved.

One thing you will find with a cheap moped is that you will get to enjoy the experience much easier. Why? Because they tend to be much easier to master. Most cheap mopeds use a Twist and Go driving style. This means that you can pick up the speed that you need and accelerate accordingly with just a tug of the handlebars. This is a big reason why many people are choosing to invest in cheap mopeds 50cc for sale. They are easier, simpler, and much more reliable for you in general. Add in the ease of mastery, and they make perfect sense.

Where should I buy my cheap mopeds from?

Good question! You have many choices to pick from when it comes to buying cheap mopeds. One of the best places on the web to start with, though, would be Direct Bikes. They sell some excellent models and often give you access to the kind of scooters you don’t find elsewhere. For one, all of their models are new – all of them. Not some. All.

This means that you know that you are buying something without a prior driving history. It also means buying a model that you know is going to be suited to your needs. Simply tell the vendor that you speak to through Direct Bikes what you are looking for. They can help you to work out if you are making the right kind of investment.

This help can assist you to work out if a scooter is right for you or not. It will also go some way to making sure you can spend more time enjoying the driving experience. Keep all of this in mind, and you should be much more likely to buy a bike that is ideally suited to the kind of driver that you wish to be. That means being safe, being economic, and being in control at all times. Sound good? Then take a look at the Direct Bikes 50cc mopeds for sale.

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