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Cheap New Motorbikes

Cheap New Motorbikes

  1. Cheap New Motorbikes
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    125cc Eagle Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  2. 125cc Daytona Motorcycle
    colours2 Colours
    125cc Daytona Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  3. 125cc Sports RS Motorcycle
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    125cc Sports RS Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  4. 125cc Storm Motorcycle
    colours2 Colours
    125cc Storm Motorcycle


  5. 125cc Enduro S Motorcycle
    colours3 Colours
    125cc Enduro S Motorcycle


  6. 125cc Nevada Motorbikes
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    125cc Nevada Motorbikes
    "Free Side Box And Screen Worth £89.99"


Are you interested in getting into motor biking? Then we recommend that you look at some of the available options. Biking is a tough thing to get right, and it often means spending a lot of time researching potential models. With so many bikes on the market to pick from, choosing a bike can be tough work. You could look at two bikes and find them broadly similar. That’s why if you are unsure of what to check out, we recommend you look at Direct Bikes. They have some excellent cheap new motorbikes that you should definitely consider.

What kind of motorbikes should I consider?

The first thing that we recommend is working out what kind of riding style you would enjoy. Some people want wider-set bikes that can feel more akin to riding a moped or a quadbike. It should feel steady on the road. Others want to get something sportier, allowing you to take corners with ease and pick up the top speed.

We recommend that anyone who is new to the idea of riding a motorbike considers buying a 125cc model. Many 125cc motorbikes are available today, and we’ll break down some excellent models below. With these models, you should be able to find something that feels like a natural fit to your own riding history. If you are new to riding bikes, then we would recommend either renting a bike or a moped first. So long as you have the right license, this should suit you.

Where can I buy cheap new motorbikes?

New is the main thing in question here – you should not have to settle for used bikes if you want to buy cheap. Instead, we recommend that you look at getting a bike via Direct Bikes. With some excellent models to pick from, they can give you both quantity and quality in your selection. Each bike is carefully described too, so you can easily pick up a top quality model based exactly on the wording of the Direct Bikes team.

Of course, if you have any questions their staff are always happy to pick up the tab. Simply drop them a message, and they can give you a good idea of what you are buying. You might not be 100% sure what kind of bike you would like, so they can help you to differentiate between the various bike models.

What bike should I buy?

You’ll be happy to know that the Direct Bikes team have some great and cheap new motorbikes to investigate. If you are looking to buy a bike, then you should definitely take a look at the following models. Each one offers a very delicate and enjoyable introduction to driving. However, despite being beginner friendly, all bikes at Direct Bikes are great for veterans of riding. They might have a minimal learning curve, but they are bikes that will take some to master accordingly.

You can find a bike that is going to cost you very little in comparison to other vendors. On top of that, you’ll be buying a brand new bike complete with insurance and warranty. So, where should you start if you want to pick up a good quality bike today?

What kind of cheap new motorbikes can you get if you decide to do your shopping with Direct Bikes?

The Daytona

A popular choice for many riders is to go for the Daytona 125cc. The Daytona has become a very popular choice for anyone who is looking for a model that’s easy to get to grips with. It’s got a sporty body, too, making it a fine choice for those who want a bike that feels modern and fresh.

One thing you will find with the Daytona, though, is that it can be easily one of the best bikes you’ll ever own in terms of fuel usage. Few bikes can promise you to use as little fuel as the Daytona. It’s a great model for those who are looking for something that has a solid Manual transmission.

This will allow you to work on your gear changing skills as much as your riding skills. A great addition to the cheap new motorbikes over at Direct Bikes.

The Storm

Another popular model over on Direct Bikes is the 125cc Storm. The Storm has many admirers as it’s a very modern bike. Stripping away a lot of the design and the decals gives you a bike that is easy to control and never feels too heavy. That loss of excess weight means accelerating to 60mph from 0mph is actually very easy.

It’s a big reason why many drivers look to use the Storm for their long-distance drives. With solid fuel economy and a fuel consumption of around 134mpg, it’s a great bike for long-term travel. Cheap and easy to keep topped up whilst offering a top speed of 60mph. This would be the ideal choice for anyone looking to buy their first bike. A solid, affordable model with plenty of room onboard for fuel. With a 12.5l tank capacity, you can easily drive far in the Storm. It’s a durable, robust model perfectly suited to both newbies and veterans.

The Nevada

Towards the top end of the 125cc cheap new motorbikes on Direct Bikes is the Nevada. The Nevada is a major choice for those who want a proper old-school feeling bike. With a comfortable seat and a solid passenger seat, too, this bike type is ideal for anyone who wants to bring a passenger with them wherever they go.

With that classic chrome chopper styling, too, this is a very good choice of bike for those who want something affordable to ride. Despite its power and its chopper-bike style, this offers excellent fuel economy overall. The Nevada is definitely a fine choice for anyone who wants a bike that can last them from their first ride to their veterancy as a rider.

With Direct Bikes, you have ample choice and opportunity. Pick the right motorbike, and you can have a bike that will last you for many years to come. So, what model do you think you would enjoy riding the most?

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