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Can I Drive a 125cc Moped on a Car Licence?

Can I Drive a 125cc Moped on a Car Licence?

For anyone thinking about buying a 125cc moped from Direct Bikes, you always want to make sure you buy the right ride for you. With so many rides to choose from, we want to make sure that you buy the vehicle that you would enjoy riding the most. To pick from our store, then, all that you need to do is know what kind of moped you want. For example, our 125cc Spyder is a fine choice for those looking for a new moped. However, what do you need to drive a moped from our store?

For example, one common issue that we notice with new riders is not knowing what kind of license they need. Do you hold a car driving license? Then you might think it allows you to go on the roads of the UK with a bike. Does it, though?

If you want to find out whether or not you can go ahead and drive a 125cc moped with a normal car license, read on. This can be a little confusing, so we’ll try and break it down so that you can easily understand what comes next.

Can I drive a 125cc moped on a car license?

The confusion stems from the fact that you can normally drive some mopeds on a full car driving license. The main question of what you can and cannot ride, though, comes down to when you passed your original driving license. This breaks into two major time slots: before the 1st February 2001, and after.

If you passed your test before the 1st February 2001, then you CANNOT ride a 125cc moped with your car license alone. What you would have to do is you would have to go and sit your CBT examination. With your CBT, you can go through this in just a day or two. Pass this, and you can start riding a 125cc moped with your L plates on.

However, you can ride a 50cc moped without having to do anything else. If you passed your full car driving license prior to 1st February 2001, you could ride one of our 50cc mopeds without having to do anything else. What about if you passed after the 1st February 2001, though?

If you were someone who managed to pass afterward, then you will need to go through your CBT examination. This would give you the chance to ride up to a 125cc scooter. However, you would need to wear your L plates – the same as the situation above, basically. However, if you want to get rid of your L plates then you need to go and sit your full riding license. This means passing the theory test, too, so keep that in mind!

So, if you want to know the answer to ‘can I drive a 125cc moped on a car license?’ you now know. You cannot, unless you supplement your education with a CBT license.

Not sure about what you should do? Then come and speak to us. We can help you to work out what would be the right choice for you.

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