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Can I Ride a 50cc Moped Without a CBT?

Can I Ride a 50cc Moped Without a CBT?

Are you interested in getting into the art of riding? Then you have to make sure you can do so safely. At Direct Bikes, we care about making sure that you buy a bike/moped that you can actually start using today. So, if you are looking to buy a 50cc moped from our store you have to make sure you can actually ride it first. In a bid to help you make the right choice, we recommend that you take a look at our 50cc mopeds first. With interesting details on every moped, you can find out everything you need to know. However, you also have to make sure that you can ride the moped properly.

If you wish to ride a moped today, then you will have to go and get your CBT license. Your CBT is known as your Compulsory Basic Training. It gives the authorities the proof that they need that you can handle riding at 50cc. While your CBT is limited in terms of what you can and cannot do, it’s essential to start riding. However, you might have heard people saying they can ride their 50cc without a CBT. So, is it true? Can I ride a 50cc moped without a CBT?

Can I ride a 50cc moped without a CBT?

The only time that you could do this is if you were the owner of a full car driving license prior to the 1st February 2001. If you were the owner of a license before then, you could go and get a 50cc moped and ride it without a moped. This is the ONLY way, though. If you wish to start riding today, you would have to go and pass your CBT and get a provisional riding license. Even if you wish to go and get your full AM, A1, A2, or A license, you would still have to go through the CBT first.

For all intents and purposes, the CBT is the ideal starting point to show how well you handle riding a moped or a bike. However, if you did manage to pass your full driving test prior to the 1st February 2001 then you can start riding today.

You could simply choose the 50cc moped that you like from our store at Direct Bikes. Once you choose the scooter, add it to your cart and go through with the purchase. You can then choose a delivery time and date, and we’ll bring the vehicle right to your door.

If you choose to buy from our store, though, you can ask us about what skills you need to get before you can start riding. Unless you were a proven and fully fledged car driver prior to February 2001, though, you probably will need to go and sit your CBT.

This is the only exception to the rule when it comes to learning to ride a 50cc moped without a CBT. In any other example and/or case that has come up, we’ve never seen an alternative. If you want to ride a 50cc as a new rider, you’ll have to prove yourself via the CBT exam first.

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