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How Fast do 125cc Mopeds Go?

How Fast do 125cc Mopeds Go?

For anyone thinking of buying one of our 125cc mopeds at Direct Bikes, you have various options to look at. One thing that we know is quite confusing to a new rider, though, is the top speed. Look at our 50cc mopeds, for example, and you will notice they all have a top speed of 30mph. That’s a very good top speed, but it’s going to be limited in where it can take you. If you need to drive outside of your local area, such as via motorway and/or A road, you need to consider something larger.

125cc mopeds are generally the ideal place for you to start if that is the case. With our selection at Direct Bikes, picking out a new bike is nice and easy. Add in that our 125cc models start out at just £1,099, too, and you can get a brand new bike for a very fair price indeed. However, we know what you likely have one major question remaining: how fast do 125cc mopeds go?

How fast do 125cc mopeds go?

The main top speed that you can expect from a Direct Bikes 125cc moped is 60 miles per hour. At 60mph, you are going to be going fast enough to drive just about anywhere legally. The only place you could find someone legally doing above 60mph is going to be on the motorway.

So long as you have the right license and stay in the correct lane, though, this is not going to be an issue. You can then pick up the speed that you can with your chosen 125cc moped. Now, you’ll find it much easier to pick up the speed that you require when you have to get out of a tight spot.

Remember, though, that riding 125cc mopeds required a different kind of licensing to a 50cc moped. You should make sure that you have at least the following:

  • Proof that you are at least the age of seventeen.
  • Proof that you have your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) complete.
  • Proof that you have your provisional and/or full driving license.

Once you have made that proof visible, you can then get the option to buy a 125cc moped. When you choose to buy a moped from our store, you can contact us with your driving credentials. We can help you to then work out if you have the right kind of riding credentials to buy a 125cc moped. If not, we can show you which path you could go down to get yourself the right licensing.

After that, you just need to choose your ideal 125cc moped.

Which choice is right for you, though? It’s hard to say. We recommend that you take the time to look a bit closer at the various 125cc mopeds that we sell. You can then make a choice based on your personal preference and your budget.

For more help in any aspect of getting into riding, from licensing through to selection, we are here to help you choose. So, what do you think would be the best choice for you personally?


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