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Do You Need a CBT To Ride a 49cc Moped?

Do You Need a CBT To Ride a 49cc Moped?

If you intend to get into riding a motorcycle or a moped today, you need to get the right credentials. For anyone thinking about buying a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes, for example, you need to get a license. This means either getting your full driving license or having a provisional driving license. Once you get your hands on either, then you complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), you can start riding a moped. However, is this only going to apply to a 50cc? What about our 49cc moped range?

Do you need a CBT to ride a 49cc moped?

We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is perhaps. It really does just depend on what your previous history is. For example, are you the owner of a full driving car license for your car?

Then you could have some differing rules depending on when you passed your driving test. Let’s take a look at the options that you have in front of you.

Do you need a CBT to ride a 49cc moped?

If you don’t’ have a license…

Then you need to get either a provisional or your AM/A1/A2/A full bike riding license. Either way, you would then have to go and pass your CBT to get access to riding the bike. Whether or not this is a 50cc or a 49cc does not matter. You need to show that you are competent on the road.

To get on the road with a provisional license, you need to pass your CBT. To get a full driving license, you also need to pass your CBT. So, if you don’t have any kind of license already, you will need to pass your CBT.

If you do have a license

Then it comes down to when you got the license. Did you receive your driving license after the 1st February 2001?

If you did, then you do have to take your CBT to ride a 50cc moped. If you do this, then you would be allowed to ride a moped up to 125cc with your L plates on. If you wish to remove those L plates and step up to something larger, you need to pass your practical and theory tests. You will need to pass your hazard perception test, as well, so please keep that in mind.

If you passed before the1st February 2001, though, you could start riding a 49cc moped today. You don’t need anything – even a CBT- if you passed prior to the second month of 2001. However, this would limit you to a maximum engine size of 50cc. While you could choose to ride using our 49cc and 50cc mopeds, you would need to get your CBT to go to something larger like a 125cc moped.

So, if you are on the lookout for an easy way to get the right kind of test put in place, now is the time to think about it. Not sure if your credentials cover you to get on the road today? Come and speak to us. We can make sure that you make the right choice, and that you start riding as soon as is pos

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