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Can a 16 Year Old Ride a 125cc Moped?

Can a 16 Year Old Ride a 125cc Moped?

For anyone at the age of sixteen, or the parents of a sixteen year old, looking to get into riding, you are in the correct place. Our team at Direct Bikes has played a role in helping many young people get into riding. With the affordable nature of our bikes tied to their excellent performance, we are here to offer you value, consistency, and credibility in your choice of purchase. However, before you go and hit ‘Add to Cart’ on one of our 125cc mopeds, let’s make sure you can ride it first!

For example, can a 16 year old ride a 125cc moped? It’s a commonly asked question.

Let’s take a look then and work out what kind of ride you would be best suited to. We know that at the age of sixteen you are very much wanting to get out on the roads and enjoy yourself. However, you aren’t the only rider out there. As such, you have to make sure that you go out on the roads in a safe, secure, and professional manner.

That’s why making sure you can ride your chosen moped is so important!

Can a 16 year old ride a 125cc moped?

The simplest way to answer this is no, a sixteen year old cannot ride a 125cc moped. A125cc moped is aimed at those who are at least the age of seventeen. So, sorry; if you recently just turned the big 1-6 you have another year to wait before you could ride a 125cc moped.

To ride a 125cc moped, you need to hold a particular form of license. The license that you need is going to either be a provisional driving license plus your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), or a full driving license. If you choose to invest in a vehicle with a full driving license, then you need to ensure it’s the right kind of license. There are, after all, more than one form of full driving license.

A full UK bike license can be obtained from the age of sixteen. This license is known as an AM license, and it’s a moped license only. It’s aimed at those who are aged sixteen and allows you to take off your L plates. It also means that you could take a pillion passenger on the back of your moped/scooter. However, you CANNOT ride a 125cc moped with an AM license.

What you need to do that is known as either an A1 or A2 license. An A1 license is available from age 17 plus, and this would let you start riding a 125cc moped without any limitation. If you are aged 19 to 24, though, you could apply for an A2 license. This is going to give you the ability to ride a vehicle with an engine size of 395cc.

If you are looking to ride a 125cc moped specifically, though, you have to wait until you are aged 17 or above.

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