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How Fast does a 49cc Moped Go?

How Fast does a 49cc Moped Go?

If you are interested in buying a moped from Direct Bikes, you will notice we sell various engine sizes. Our two most popular engine sizes today are our 50cc and 125cc ranges. If you choose to buy the latter, you are buying something that is ready for the motorway. With a top speed of 60mph, they are the ideal choice for those who want to drive further afield. Our other most common option, the 50cc, is a very different beast altogether. They have a top speed of 30mph and are normally driven using an Automatic transmission. However, we also sell 49cc mopeds. How fast does a 49cc moped go?

You might be surprised to find out that the top speed of a 49cc moped is the exact same as a 50cc moped. Our store sells both 49cc and 50cc mopeds. In truth, the differences are almost negligible. If you are a new rider without much experience, it would be very hard indeed to tell the difference between a 49cc and a 50cc engine. However, that does not mean you should just go for a 50cc engine instead. For some of our customers, going for a 49cc model makes more sense.

How fast does a 49cc moped go?

A 49cc moped is going to be able to hit a top speed of 30 miles per hour. Given they are controlled by using an Automatic transmission, they are very quick indeed. This means you can fly up the acceleration and not have to worry about gear changes. When your engine feels like it needs a bit more power, it can provide it without needing to adjust your gears.

For many of our customers, then, riding a 49cc moped makes a lot of sense. These are easy to use little mopeds that you can easily drive around on and give you a sense of comfort. They tend to be slightly smaller than our 50cc models and are noticeably different in size to a 125cc scooter.

However, in terms of performance there is a barely a difference from a 49cc or a 50cc moped. If you are looking to make a choice on what moped is right for you, then you need only reach out and speak to us today. We can give you more information about our 49cc mopeds, and what you could realistically do with one of them.

Affordably priced so that you can easily buy one today, our 49cc mopeds will give you a solid top speed. They are great for those who are mostly sticking to doing a local commute. If you are looking to drive around locally, then you can find that a 49cc or 50cc moped is a good starting place. Come and check out our 49cc mopeds. On-site, you can find all of the information and specifications that you need to start riding one with total confidence.

All that we need to know, then, is what you would be looking for in terms of engine performance. Once we know that, we can make an informed decision together. This will help you to make sure that you only buy a 49cc moped that you actually like!

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