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Brand New 50cc Mopeds Sale

Brand New 50cc Mopeds Sale

  1. Save £300.00 50cc Retro Scooter
    colors3 Colours
    50cc Retro Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  2. Save £300.00 50cc Panther Scooter
    colors5 Colours
    50cc Panther Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  3. Save £300.00 50cc Milan Scooter
    colors2 Colours
    50cc Milan Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  4. Save £300.00 50cc Ninja Scooter
    colors3 Colours
    50cc Ninja Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  5. Save £300.00 50cc Tommy Scooter
    colors4 Colours
    50cc Tommy Scooter
    "Free Top Box And Screen Worth £109.99"


  6. Save £300.00 50cc Viper Scooter
    colors1 Colour
    50cc Viper Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"



When you want to buy a moped, you have so many things you need to cover in your mind. Buying a moped is not an easy thing to do – but at Direct Bikes we want to make your purchase as simple as we possibly can. If you are intent on going ahead with the purchase, there are some typical guiding factors that you should look out for. Before you go ahead and hit ‘Add to Cart’ on one of our 50cc mopeds, read through the following. It will give you a much clearer idea of what you are buying, so you can make a purchase you will be 100% happy with.

If you are interested in seeing some kind of long-term return on your investment, then we recommend that you take the following questions into account. It might just help you to find the best brand new 50cc mopeds sale for you!

What can I afford to pay?

The first consideration is arguably the most important, too. You need to work out what you can afford to realistically pay if you wish to buy a moped. That is not something that should be too hard to work out. You need to work out, though, whether you wish to buy your vehicle upfront or on finance. Our finance project can give you access to as much as £5,000, repayable across 60 months. This gives you ample time to make your payments, and we don’t discriminate based on credit rating. Simple choose from Bad to Excellent, and we’ll give you a realistic repayment rate.

At Direct Bikes, you are buying a bike that is 100% brand new, as well. If you were to buy a brand new bike elsewhere, you might pay through the nose. By contrast, all of our mopeds start at just £959. For a 50cc moped, that’s tremendous value – especially for a brand new moped!

Buying used or new

The next question that you need to answer is whether you intend to buy a used or a new model. It’s an important query. Buying new often means getting something that you know you can drive safely as soon as you get it taxed and insured. Once you work out that, you can then decide if you want to add anything else to it.

Buying used often means going for an MOT and making sure that no problems exist. If you buy a used bike and it has no problems, then you have done very well. Why should you have to go through all of that stress?

At Direct Bikes, we only have brand new 50cc mopeds for sale. This makes it easy for you to pick up something without a previous owner. Now you don’t have to worry about problems cropping up that you might not have considered. With our 50cc models, you are buying a top quality moped that’s brand new. Does that not sound like a great value purchase for you?

What speed would you like to do?

The next question comes down to the speed of your bike/moped. At Direct Bikes, all of our mopeds list their top speed so that you know exactly how fast you can go.

This is going to be determined entirely by the engine. If you go with a 50cc moped, for example, you will normally be driving at a speed of around 30mph. This is normally the capped maximum speed. So, any brand new 50cc moped that you check out will have its speed capped at around the 30mph mark.

Also please note that you cannot go on the motorway with a 50cc moped. The engine speed is more suited to the kind of residential and city riding that you would expect. Buy a brand new 50cc moped from us, though, and you are buying a moped that is perfect for inner city drives. With great mileage even in busy traffic, our models help you to keep things consistent!

Where will you go with your moped?

Next, you should work out what kind of moped you are looking to buy for a particular purpose. For example, if you need to go on a motorway then you should absolutely look to buy a 125cc moped. It will give you the speed that you need to compete with other cars on the road, and it will ensure that you don’t feel so left behind in the speed stakes. For just about any kind of city driving or residential drives, though, one of our 50cc mopeds is more than good enough for you.

You should keep this in mind, as it will go a long way to making sure you can buy a model you are happy with. The moped that you buy should be suited to the need that you have. Make sure you don’t buy it based on a brand name or anything like that. Buy your moped based on what it can do for you and nothing else.

What size do I need?

Think about your physical size, too. It’s a big part of the problem for a lot of riders: they buy a bike that is simply too small for them. If you choose to buy a 50cc moped, you should make sure that it has size specs to suit your body size. Anyone looking at a brand new 50cc mopeds sale should keep in mind their size compared to the scooter. All of our bikes come with their size and specifications listed on the website, so check that out if you need any help at all in picking based on size. You also get full 360-degree rotatable imagery to look at on our site, which should help.

This is much more likely to help you get the kind of power that you need, and to help you avoid feeling like you are driving a children’s bike. Take the time to find a model that is size enough for you, and you can soon ride around on it without any time being wasted. Don’t see the size as secondary, though; it’s the most important part of making sure you can ride safely and comfortably.

What about fuel economy?

Once you have taken a look at our brand new 50cc mopeds sale, you should take a look at fuel economy. Every model lists its own mileage so that you know exactly what kind of mileage you should be getting from each journey.

This matters to every rider, as you don’t want to be spending too much on the roads. Thankfully, a model with a 50cc to 125cc engine should be capable of giving you speeds of around 30-60mph, and fuel economy of around 100 miles per gallon of petrol. All of our bikes provide you with consistently reliable mileage, making sure you buy a model that can give you excellent returns on your investment.

That is a great return on investment and should give you confidence that your vehicle can get you on the road and moving without any issue. Keep in mind that you want to buy something that is going to be cheap to buy and cheap to run. So, whenever you are looking around any brand new 50cc mopeds sale events going on, keep fuel economy in mind. That’s why so many people come to shop at Direct Bikes!

Using all of the information above, you should now find it much easier to pick out a 50cc moped for sale from our collection. With our prices for a 50cc moped averaging out at just £999, you can get one of the best deals in the land. So, take a look at our collection and, if you need any help at all, let us know!

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