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Italian Scooters

Italian Scooters

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Direct Bikes helps many people take not only their first steps into riding, but also into driving. Part of the reason why many people choose to get into the art of riding a scooter comes down to the enjoyment of riding. It’s so much more freeform compared to driving a car. You feel much more open and at one with the road. You also feel in far more control of a scooter, moped, or bike than you can a car. However, another reason why so many will turn to riding comes from inspiration via old-school Italian scooters.

From watching classic movies to simply being inspired by life in Italy, many people come to Direct Bikes inspired by Italian riding. We help many people make their first steps into riding, but we also help scooter enthusiasts find something very Italian-minded. All of our models are built to help give you a vintage riding experience, whilst keeping in mind the modernisations that make riding such a safe experience today.

For many people, the scooter is one of the most interesting kinds of vehicle that you can drive. Seen as innovative and minimalist, they are often the go-to choice for drivers who want simplicity, sleekness, and speed. A motorcycle can be an off-putting driving experience for anyone who is not used to fast speeds and breakneck pace. With the help of the scooter, you can often get a much more comfortable, friendly driving experience. That is another reason why scooters have managed to grow to such popularity.

Why, though, do scooters have such a rich history in Italian culture? And how did it spread to the United Kingdom?

To help you know why you want to ride one of our Italian scooters, let’s briefly look at the history of scooters in Italy.

The Italian vehicle of choice

As you might know, though, Italian mopeds have long been the top name in the industry. Their illustrious history and their innovative nature helped to make the Italian scooter the starting point for so many. While in the UK the ‘Mod’ scene probably helped to popularise scooters more, Italians have been driving these vehicles around for many, many years. The scooter first came to be in 1947 as a cheap alternative to driving in post-war Europe.

With much of the continent left destitute and in poor financial health post-war, the scooter was made. Many people could not afford a car butwanted to get around and out of town affordably. So, the scooter became the cheap, low-cost option for so many people. That’s a big reason why Italian companies, led by Piaggio, became among the leading names in post-war scooter development. Today, though, scooters are made with equal quality across the globe.

Do I have to buy a classic Italian scooter?

Not at all! You don’t even have to stick with one of the classic Italian brands. At Direct Bikes, we can sell you something very much in the mould of a vintage Italian bike – without the price. All of our models start at a very generous price, with our 50cc scooters beginning at just £959. This helps you pick up a top quality scooter for a tremendous price – and best of all, it’s brand new!

If you were to try and buy one of the classic Italian brands online, you’d be lucky to find an old model for close to our prices. Our models, manufactured in China, are inspired by the very best that Italy has to provide. We have some great models to pick from if you are looking for that vintage Iberian style.

For example, today you can pick up many Italian scooter styles that are not made by the big brands. One fine example of this is the 50cc Milan scooter and 125cc Milan scooter sold by Direct Bikes. These are high quality, modern Italian scooters. They carry the look and style that you would expect of a modern scooter, without any branding to attract the attention of the wrong people.

If you are looking to invest in some Italian rides, then keep in mind that you don’t always have to go for the ‘big brands’. While they have a rich and illustrious history, other brands have managed to capture that Italian style perfectly. If you worry that your budget might not stretch to a ‘classic’ Italian scooter, start with the above. Instead, you can find an awesome bike from the Direct Bikes team!

We can point you in the direction of a tremendously enjoyable bike to ride; the type that just feels so easy to control and to ride. If you want to enjoy the freedom promised by an Italian model without being locked into the price, check out our growing collection of Italian inspired scooters today.

It might just help you to get your hands on an Italian scooter design that you’ll own for many years!

Need a hand picking?

Then just contact our team today. The Direct Bikes team has worked in the industry for many years. We’ve got vast experience in picking and choosing scooters for our customers. With all of our models built by our in-house developers, too, we always make sure they follow the style of the old Italian rides we all love so much.

That, though, does not mean you are buying an old scooter in terms of mechanics. We use only the best materials and hardware in our scooters to ensure they come out the factory in pristine, ride-ready condition. With great prices and delivery within just three working days of your purchase, we can make sure that you spend less and receive more.

Affordable delivery and great starting prices: we make it easy for you to buy the Italian scooter of your dreams. With classic models in the Italian mould as well as more all-purpose models, we have a scooter for every situation. Take a look at our growing collection, and feel free to contact us if you need any help or information about your choice whatsoever.

Our team will be more than happy to help you make sure you have chosen the ideal Italian scooters today. For more help in buying a scooter, you need only contact us. We can give you all the information that you need, should you need more details than the specifications provided onsite.

Let’s get you on the roads of the UK in one of our all-purpose Italian scooters!

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