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Brand New 50cc Mopeds

Brand New 50cc Mopeds

When it comes to buying a 50cc moped, you have various options to pick from on the market today. The numerous alternatives that you can pick from, though, can become more than a bit confusing. If you aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to buying a moped, we’ve got some ideas listed for you here. However, the main question we want to answer is whether or not you should buy new.

Many people look at a buying a used 50cc moped, and it does make sense. However, while used mopeds are always going to be a good investment, new 50cc mopeds can be a great investment. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

New mopeds are modern

The one issue with buying a used model is that you don’t know how reliable that model is anymore. The modern advancements in scooter tech means that a modern model will be safer in every way. You might find it hard to enjoy driving a more old-school scooter. In some cases, though, you might not even be allowed on the road with it such is the condition of the vehicle.

New mopeds arrive at you without anyone else ever having been in the hotseat. With that in mind, why not enjoy a modern moped driving experience? Go new.

New mopeds come with warranty

It’s very, very rare for an old, used moped to have warranty on it. Warranty will usually last for at least one year with a new moped. By the time you buy almost any old moped, that is not likely to be viable any longer. Keep that in mind, and you might find it a bit easier to make an informed decision moving forward.

Just remember that the best mopeds are the ones that come with warranty. This gives you added peace of mind over how safe and reliable it is to drive.

New mopeds come with extras

Buy used, and you only get the moped – sometimes not even the whole thing!

Buy new, though, and you get a moped that should come with some nice freebies and extras. This will help you to get more value for money, ensuring that you have a 50cc moped that suits your needs. Always be sure to look at the extra features you get upon purchase. These extras might be something that you intended to buy and/or need anyway, so why not get it as a complementary part of your purchase with your new moped?

New mopeds are easier to insure

The older your vehicle, the more of a challenge you might have getting insurance for it. This is especially the case if you are a new driver. If you are not sure about insurance rates, then you should absolutely look at getting a new moped. They are going to be much more robust and safer to drive around.

With that in mind, it should allow you to easily enjoy the driving experience on a more suitable level. Without doubt, you’ll find that insurance is easier to get and cheaper to take on for newer models.

Enjoy a greater selection

If you choose to buy a new moped, then it will arrive in pristine condition. However, buy a used model and it won’t – it’ll usually have some kind of mark, bump, or superficial issue. However, when you are buying used you often to take what you are given. Don’t like the new scooter that was sent out to you? A company that sells new scooters can help you out.

Used models are often a ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ kind of scenario. With a new model, though, you get to avoid that issue with relative ease.

You don’t have to pay upfront

Buying used, you are often dealing with a person rather than a dealership. As such, you would do well to ever be able to get a payment plan that isn’t just paying for it upfront. If you would like to avoid having to pay for it upfront, in full, then we recommend that you take a look at buying new.

New 50cc mopeds can be bought by using moped finance. Companies like Direct Bikes will be happy to give you a long-term payment plan. With repayment possible over a term as long as 60 months, you can get a long-term solution to pay back your investment for up to five years!

What to look out for when buying new 50cc mopeds

So, now that you can see why going new makes a lot of sense, here are some things to look out for when buying:

  • Is the scooter big enough for you? If you invest in a scooter that is not a suitable size for you, it can get quite uncomfortable. If you want to have the best chance of enjoying your scooter, ensure that you are tall enough for it.
  • Take a look at the speed of the scooter, too. When you are looking to buy a 50cc moped, you should always try to make sure you get something in the 28-30mph range. 28mph is the cap for 16-year-olds, but most 50cc engines are capped at 30mph.
  • Ensure you pick a configuration that you can easily grip onto. Some mopeds might not be suited to the way that you drive, so make sure you pick based on the height/width of the handlebars. This makes it much more likely you’ll get a moped you can drive easily.
  • How easy is it to drive? Most 50cc models will be a twist and go start-up style. This allows you to avoid having to worry about things like gears; just twist and fly up the speed to the top speed limit. Most beginners prefer to go for twist and go.

Keep these in mind, and you might find the confusion around buying a 50cc moped can be a bit easier to overcome. While it’s by no means an easy investment to make, this should ensure you buy something you are happy with. And remember: always buy new!