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Best Moped

Best Moped

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Do you ever think about buying a moped? We speak to many people interested in getting into riding. At Direct Bikes, we are here for the hobbyist and the lifelong rider as well as the newly interested beginner. If you would like to learn more about choosing the best moped though, you can use this simple guide. This should help you to work out what kind of moped that we have in store that might be most suited to you.

Armed with this information, you should find it much easier to learn about what kind of moped would be the right pick.

What kind of speed would you like to ride at?

The first question that we would like to ask you involves riding speed. Normally, what kind of riding speed would you like to ride at?

The riding speed you would feel most comfortable with will determine what is the best moped for you. At Direct Bikes, we serve rides at both 50cc and 125cc  range. This means the engine is either 50cc or 125cc in size. the engine size is an important factor, as it plays a crucial role in determining the top speed.

For reference, our 50cc scooters can reach top speeds of 30mph. By comparison, our 125cc scooters can reach a top speed of 60mph. What do you think would be most suited to you?

The top speed is such a vital part of the choice, so make sure you think about this closely.

What kind of transmission do you prefer to ride with?

Another underestimated aspect of buying the best moped for you would be the transmission. At Direct Bikes, we have both Manual and Automatic transmissions. For those who are unaware, automatic transmissions will relate to the kind of ride that does not use a gearbox. So, instead of having to go up or down the gears your moped will simply shift based on the speed you are doing.

All of our 50cc mopeds are Automatic, while we have a more varied selection in our 125cc range. Be sure to read the on-site specifications and information about each of the mopeds that we sell, as this will help you to make the right choice quite easily. However, if you are unsure about anything to do with any mopeds for sale at Direct Bikes, then just contact us for a more personalised rundown of the information.

What kind of size of scooter would you prefer?

One thing we have done when making all of our bikes is ensure they are suited to the average size of rider. This means that you could buy a Direct Bikes scooter and know that it is large enough for you. Also, every scooter that we sell comes with a size description in the Specifications tab. Simply check this out, and you can pick out the best scooter for you.

That is likely to give you the room that you need. However, don’t assume that our 50cc scooters are half the size of the 125cc counterpart. The size in CC is the engine size, not the size of the entire scooter. So, keep that in mind and you can soon better understand the ideal size of scooter for your own personal riding preference.

What scooter would you enjoy riding the most?

The next question we would normally look to cover with you is the kind of scooter you think you would enjoy riding most?

For us, that comes down to the personal circumstances it can help you to solve. If you choose to buy a 50cc scooter, for example, it might be useful for city drives and local rides. If you need to hit the motorway on a 50cc, though, you will simply not be fast enough. That would make riding not only dangerous, but unenjoyable.

So, you would enjoy riding a 125cc scooter mor if you happen to do most of your riding via the motorway. Keep that in mind, and you can enjoy the whole experience like you never have in the past. It’s all about making sure you can enjoy the riding experience, really. That’s why making sure you can and cannot handle certain aspects of riding is very important indeed.

Keep the riding aspect in mind as you look at the various ways you could pick up the best moped. What do you think you would use that scooter for the most? That should help you to determine the answer about what you would enjoy riding most!

What should you be paying for the best scooter?

If you intend to buy the best vehicle that you can, then you should check out our wares at Direct Bikes. Why? Because we sell brand new vehicles at the kind of price you would normally pay for something used. With a scooter or a bike from Direct Bikes, you are buying with a starting price of only £899.

Our 50cc scooters average out at just £999, while our 125cc scooters are going to be around £1,099. This gives you tremendous value for money, especially when allied to our 1-year warranty provided with every new scooter you buy. And that is another factor: we only sell new scooters. There are no scooters whatsoever at Direct Bikes which are used. If you buy from us, you know you are buying something 100% brand new!

That is why so many people choose to invest their time and money with Direct Bikes. They know that they are buying a quality, high-end moped that’s brand new. With the excellent prices and the great mileage of 100mpg plus, we make sure you are getting an affordable overall package. Factor in, too, that we deliver our bikes to your doorstep, and you don’t even need to leave the house to get a Direct Bikes scooter.

Just check out our website, hit ‘Add to Cart’ on your chosen scooter, and complete the deal. We will make sure that it’s sent out to you within 1-3 working days. For a tremendous deal and a great value purchase, then, be sure to look at our deals here at Direct Bikes!

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