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Fastest Moped

Fastest Moped

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When you want to buy a moped to ride around on, it always pays to buy the fastest moped that you can. At Direct Bikes, we know that most people who get into riding do so to experience the thrill and the speed. If you are someone of that mind, then you might want to invest in a moped that you buy from Direct Bikes. With our fine selection of mopeds, you could pick up the fastest scooter for your budget!

The only thing that you should work out first, though, is what kind of speeds you are legally permitted to drive at.

I have a provisional license: what is the fastest moped I can ride?

With a provisional driving license, you are limited to driving – maximum – a 125cc scooter. However, please note that a 125cc scooter will only be available as soon as you reach the age of 17. At 16, you are permitted to riding a 50cc scooter only. These are going to give you various top speeds.

For a 50cc, you can expect to ride at a speed of around 30 miles per hour. At Direct Bikes, all of our 50cc models can reach this top speed without issue. You could also choose to go for one of our 125cc scooters. These are capable of hitting a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

It just depends what you are on the lookout for, really. With one of our mopeds, you can quickly and easily make a decision. You just need to know what kind of moped you would like to ride. For a provisional license, though, please note that you would need to complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) program, as well. Without your CBT, you generally cannot ride anything on a provisional license.

Why do I need my CBT?

In short, your CBT is the thing that proves to the government that you can fully handle yourself on the roads of the UK. Every rider is given the chance to take their CBT. Given how small the conditions for exemption are, almost every modern rider will have to take their CBT.

Thanks to the CBT, though, you will be able to ride a vehicle up to around the 30mph without any issue. You will understand things like handling your bike, top speed, the transmission in use, and how to stay within the rules of the road. Without doubt, your CBT is one of the most important parts of your training!

Can I get a full driving license at 16?

The only full driving license that you could get at the age of 16 is that of your AM license. Your AM is the full driving license needed if you intend to stick to a 50cc scooter. With this, you could drive your 50cc at top speed, and you could also take it on the road with a passenger on the back. This is known as a pillion passenger, and your CBT would have stopped you doing this.

With a full license, though, you can even take off your L plates. This is going to help you feel much more like the rider that you wish to bee. With your AM license, though, please note that the fastest scooter you can ride is a 50cc.

Even though your CBT allows you to go to 125cc, a full AM license is suited to 50cc rides only. You could still ride a 125cc if your CBT is still valid, but you would be limited as to what you can and cannot do. For example, you couldn’t:

  • Hit your top speed of 60 miles per hour.
  • Carry a passenger on the back of your bike.
  • Remove your L plates in any circumstances.
  • Drive on the motorway.

Can I get a full driving license at 17?

The next license that you could go for would be your A1 license. The A1 is the right choice of license for most people, as it’s going to help you ride your 125cc scooter at full speed. Upon completing both theory and practical sessions, you will be given the right to drive without exemption.

At Direct Bikes, the A1 is the highest license that you would need to drive any of the vehicles that we sell. Indeed, our fastest moped is a 125cc scooter, making sure you can get to a top speed of 60mph without any issues. That’s why so many people choose to go for their A1 license. If you are shopping with Direct Bikes, then this is all that you would need!

What does the fastest moped at Direct Bikes cost me?

At the moment, the fastest mopeds that we sell are priced at only £1,099. This is our smallest price for a 125cc moped and should be more than suitable for anyone looking to buy a brand new moped without any issues. You can buy from our store with ease, making sure you can easily and effectively pick up a great purchase.

Buying from us couldn’t be any simpler, either. Whether you choose to go for the classic 50cc scooter or the retro 125cc Tommy, you only need to do the following:

  1. Visit the Direct Bikes website and go to the scooter style that you want to own.
  2. Pick out a scooter from the selection and review all its features and specs.
  3. When done, you can hit Add to Cart and go through with completing the payment.
  4. Complete the payment and choose a delivery location for your scooter to be brought to.
  5. Follow your delivery process with both 1-day and 3-day delivery options available.

Can you see now why so many people choose to do their business with Direct Bikes?

We take the stress and the confusion out of buying a moped. Instead of leaving you with more to think about than you realistically need to, we take the pressure and the stress out of selection. So, why not come and see what we can do for you?

Take a look at our collection and see which moped makes the biggest impression on you. Need a hand choosing and/or need additional information? Just let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you make a wise choice and get the best – and fastest – moped for your price range.

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