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Driving A Moped

Driving A Moped

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Are you interesting in going about driving a moped? Then you need to learn how. At Direct Bikes, we speak to many fledgling riders who are not sure about the process of becoming a rider. If you would like to progress from thinking about riding to becoming a rider, then you need only come and speak to us today. At Direct Bikes, we can help you to manage every part of the learning process. After all, to learn how to ride a moped you are going to need to go through a fair amount of training!

What do I need to learn about driving a moped?

To start off with, you must make sure you at the very least the age of sixteen. If you are not, then you have no means of picking up a moped legally. The youngest age that you could legally drive a moped at is sixteen. To do this, you need to get two things:

  1. Your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).
  2. Either your provisional driving license, or your AM full moped license.

At age 17, you could then apply for your A1 license. This would allow you to drive a 125cc scooter without any issue. However, if you wish to go about driving from the very beginning, then the least you need is your CBT and a provisional driving license.

If you already have a provisional driving license or a full car driving license, then you don’t need another one. You do, though, need your CBT.

Driving a moped without your CBT

There is one exception to needing your CBT. You could for instance ride a 50cc scooter if you have your full driving license. This would mean you don’t need to pass your CBT, meaning you can avoid the restrictions to your CBT set out below. However, please note that for these rules to apply to you that you would need to have passed your full driving test prior to the 1st February 2001.

If you did so, then you can drive a 50cc moped only without having your CBT. Should you wish to go about and drive a larger moped, like our 125cc range, then you need to get your CBT regardless. However, we would recommend the CBT exam for anyone who has never driven or ridden a bike before. It can be a tough thing to get right, so the training is very useful.

What can my CBT stop me from doing when riding a moped?

Should you own a moped, then you should take a look at getting your CBT. It’s a precursor to getting either your AM or A1 moped license. However, your CBT will teach you the essentials of being a rider. Given how you are trained during a CBT, though, you are not fully permitted to drive as a full drive. to do that, you would need an AM/A1 license. Your CBT, then, comes with some limits. These limits include:

  • You cannot exceed a top speed of 28 miles per hour, regardless of engine size.
  • You cannot drive on the motorway.
  • You cannot remove your L plates at any time.
  • You cannot drive with a pillion passenger aboard your moped.

 Keep that in mind, and you can see why so many might choose to step up to a higher level of license.

Getting your AM license

Your AM license is the first license we recommend you go for if you wish to drive in full. Available from age 16+, you would need to have your CBT and your provisional already in place. To get your AM, you need to go and pass a theoretical test as well as a practical test. Challenging exams, these will test your knowledge. Should you pass them, though, you would be capable of driving a 50cc moped without any limits.

This means that you could take a passenger, and you can remove those L plates. The only thing you cannot do with your AM license is go on the motorway; no 50cc moped is motorway permitted. Keep that in mind, as it might have an impact of how you go about riding a moped: do you need to use the motorway?

Getting your A1 license

The next step from the AM is to go for your full A1 license. This is suited to those aged 17+, and it would unlock the full potential of your 125cc moped. This means driving it at its maximum speed, having a passenger onboard, losing the L plates and, yes, driving on the motorway.

As such, anyone who is thinking of driving a moped for motorway crossings will need their A1 at least. You could also go higher, such as your A2 or your full A license. But at Direct Bikes, all of our vehicles cap out at 125cc. if you would like to get the full potential from a Direct Bikes ride, you need only look at the A1 license.

This would give you the opportunity to be driving our mopeds without any issue or limitations. Which license, then, will you look to get first?

Choosing your ideal next move

At Direct Bikes, we want to make sure you are 100% happy with every aspect of your purchase. To ensure that this is the case, we recommend contacting us. Tell us what licenses you have, and what licenses you would like to go for in the near future. This would give you the help that you need to know what you need, and what you already have!

It also helps us let us know what we have sold you is the correct kind of moped for your own personal needs. Simply tell us where you are in terms of licensing, and we’ll make sure your moped is the right purchase. Should you have any other queries at all about a Direct Bikes product, though, just let us know. Our team will be more than happy to help you work out exactly what you are buying if you choose to invest in a product from Direct Bikes!

For help with buying a moped that you know you’ll love to drive, contact Direct Bikes today.

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