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Buy Moped UK

Buy Moped UK

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For anyone thinking about buying a moped today, one of the most important aspects is the long-term cost. Buying a cheap moped up-front might seem like a good idea…but how much will you save in the long-term?

At Direct Bikes, we focus on the long-term affordability of your purchase as much as the upfront cost. While we charge excellent and fair prices for our mopeds, we make sure the running costs are just as fair. We want you to be able to buy from us knowing that you will get an outstanding deal for doing so. This is what we care about at Direct Bikes – making sure you get tremendous value for money.

So, if you want to go ahead and buy moped UK rides that would be perfectly suited to yourself, then read on. Through Direct Bikes, you can find the easy way to make all of this come to fruition. It’s easily done; you just need to know what kind of moped you would like. Before we do anything else, though, let’s look at why the long-term running cost is such a big deal.

Why should you factor in more than the initial price of your ride?

The price is just the start

When you choose to buy a moped, you are making a commitment to riding a particular kind of vehicle. It means that you are choosing to buy something that is not only suitable to 1-2 riders, but suitable to city driving. At Direct Bikes we have designed all of our bikes to ensure that they are perfectly suited to life on the road.

This means that if you choose to buy from us that you know you are buying from a company who knows how to do things correctly. The price is just the beginning of buying a vehicle; we know that you have many more costs to consider. From the cost of your insurance to the cost of your road tax, you have a fair amount to think about in terms of the expenditure. 

That is why we make sure that when you buy with us you are getting the best base prices. At Direct Bikes, we make sure that our 50cc scooters for sale are sold at a starting price of just £999. This helps you to get a tremendous deal. By the same token, though, our 125cc scooter collection is priced at just £1,099.

The price continues into the running cost

At Direct Bikes, another thing we always focus on is the cost of the running of your bike. The cost of running and riding a bike is quite expensive, so it pays to spend a bit of time learning about that side of things. We’ve made sure that every ride that we sell is not only cheap to buy, but affordable to run.

Our research and development team have worked tirelessly to ensure that our rides are cheap to run due to their high mileage. With a mileage of 100mpg, we can make sure that you get plenty of running volume out of your fill-up. Even if you spend your time driving in the city, mileage of around or even above 100mpg is still possible with a scooter from Direct Bikes.

That’s why we recommend that if you do wish to buy something for a good price, you factor in the running costs. With the cheap starting price of our scooters allied to the cheap running price of buying one in the first place, you can see why so many riders choose to make their purchase with Direct Bikes!

Make sure your scooter is affordable yet safe

While we always take affordability into account, it’s never at the compensation of quality. We never look to limit the quality of any release from our store; instead we do everything properly. We work together as a team to make a wise decision on every scooter that we release. That’s why our scooters go through the most strenuous of quality control before we would even think about putting one on the streets of the UK.

We have to know that they are 100% road safe to ride. That’s why if you want to buy a moped UK riders can ride with ease then you should look at our selection. They have gone through the utmost mastering and testing to ensure that every part and function is totally safe. Why should you have to fear anything when it comes to buying a moped? There really is no need to do that.

It’s why we recommend that if you want to buy a moped then you do so through Direct Bikes. We make sure that you have all the help that you need to understand mileage, pricing, and distance without a seconds thought.

Get help with every other aspect of buying a moped in the UK

Of course, if you do wish to buy a moped that UK riders are suited to then you want to know you’ve bought a UK-suitable moped. With a ride from Direct Bikes, you know that all you need to do is get it taxed and insured. Our brand new mopeds are exempt from MOTs for three years, as they are brand new. This means that you only need to worry about getting it taxed and then insured so that you can get it on the road ASAP.

With rapid delivery and help with everything from finance and insurance to taxation, we can cover every base. If you find the idea of buying a moped to be overly confusing, then you just need to reach out to us. We can show you just how simply you could go through with the purchase of a moped. You just need to know where to look, and we can make it very easy indeed for you to make the right choice.

Not sure what kind of moped you would like? Take a look at our collection. With one of the largest stocks of mopeds you can buy in the UK, we’ll be sure to have something in stock for you!

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