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Adult Scooter UK

Adult Scooter UK

  1. Adult Scooter UK
  2. Adult Scooter UK Panther
  3. Adult Scooter UK Retro
  4. Adult Scooter UK Tommy
  5. Adult Scooter UK Milan
  6. Adult Scooter UK Scorpion
  7. Adult Scooter UK Spyder
  8. Adult Scooter UK Spyder 125cc
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  10. Adult Scooter UK Python
  11. Adult Scooter UK Scorpion 125cc
  12. Adult Scooter UK Tommy 125cc
  13. Adult Scooter UK Cruiser

For anyone thinking about buying a scooter today, you have a great many choices to consider. If you are looking for a particular kind of adult scooter UK, though, you might wish to focus on our 125cc scooter range. These are our most popular scooters for those aged seventeen and above and make the best place to start for the most part.

If you are serious about buying a scooter today, you just need to know where to look. At Direct Bikes, we try and give you every bit of detail that we can on-site so that you know 100% what you are getting into. So, what is an adult scooter UK exactly? What do we classify as ‘adult’ here?

What is an adult scooter?

While anyone over the age of 16 could technically be classed as an adult, terminology is important. To Direct Bikes, we see an ‘adult scooter’ as something in the 125cc range plus. 125cc is the size of the engine, and to ride a 125cc vehicle you need to be aged 17 or above. That’s why we would suggest that in contrast to a 50cc scooter, you could see a 125cc as more ‘adult’.

For reference, a 50cc moped is capable of a top speed of around 30 miles per hour. They are fast, they are reliable, and they make a fine choice for most people. The main thing you need to work out, though, is what kind of riding you intend to do.

The speed always matters with a scooter

When buying an adult scooter, then, you might find that 30mph is not enough. However, if most of your riding is going to take part in the residential and city areas then it would be enough. Given most residential and city areas come with a speed limit of 20/30mph, this is plenty fast enough for you. What about if your journey for the day needs you to go a bit faster than this?

If that is the case, then we recommend that you look at getting a 125cc moped instead. One of our 125cc range will be more than suitable for you if you are looking for something swift, simple, and easy to ride. Really, it all comes down to personal choice and what you think you would be most comfortable riding around in.

What, then, do you think you would be most suited to doing?

Can an adult scooter go on the motorway?

Yes, it can. So long as you hold the right kind of license (more on that below), you can drive an adult scooter on a motorway without any issues. That’s one of the main reasons why we would recommend that you get an adult scooter if you are looking to do any more than a local journey.

So long as you are the age of 17 and you hold your Compulsory Basic Training, plus a license, you could start driving. Your CBT, though, is more or less an essential part of learning how to ride. Without your CBT, it can be increasingly hard to land a decent licence. It’s the key part of learning. Please note, though, that with a CBT and a provisional license alone you cannot go on the motorway; you need a stronger driving license.

Getting started with an adult scooter UK

To ride a Direct Bikes moped, you would need to have the following three items:

  1. Proof that you are at least the age of 17.
  2. Proof that you have successfully completed your Compulsory Basic Training.
  3. A provisional driving licence or above.

If you wish to get your provisional, then you need to apply for it via the DVLA. This can be done online or through your local post office. Get that sorted alongside your CBT, and you could be ready to start learning how to ride a 125cc adult scooter in no time. The next part of the journey, and the challenge you are likely to face, is going to come from choosing an adult scooter or repute.

We recommend that if you do wish to go down the route of choosing an adult scooter that you take a look at our growing collection in no time.

Driving your adult scooter in full

If you do choose to go down the route of riding an adult scooter, though, we do recommend that you get a full license. For us, this would mean going for your A1 driving license. Your A1 is the ideal choice for just about any rider aged 17+. It would give you the right to drive an adult scooter without the following limits imposed by your CBT:

  • You can now drive your 125cc moped to its full speed limit (60mph at Direct Bikes).
  • You can also start driving your moped with a pillion passenger on the back.
  • Riders can now remove their L plates and drive as a fully-fledged moped rider.
  • Lastly, you can also start driving on the motorway – something a CBT does not allow.
  • For that reason, then, you can see why so many people go for their full driving license.

Getting the right ride for your license

We know that buying a bike can seem daunting, especially if you are not used to picking out things based on your license. Should you be unsure in any way shape or form about the license that you have chosen, then you should take the time to understand what it does and does not allow. Unsure in any way? Then come and speak to the Direct Bikes team.

We can go through what you do have and make sure that you bight the correct adult scooter UK for you. With all of our rides being CBT compatible, though, you could get a good taste of what our mopeds offer if you were to buy one with that configuration.

Should you wish to know what you can and cannot do with a scooter bought from Direct Bikes, though, contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to take a look and help you to locate the perfect choice of adult scooter for you today!

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