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50cc Scooter for Sale

50cc Scooter for Sale

  1. Save £400.00 50cc Milan Scooter
    colors2 Colours
    50cc Milan Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  2. Save £300.00 50cc Panther Scooter
    colors4 Colours
    50cc Panther Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  3. Save £300.00 50cc Ninja Scooter
    colors3 Colours
    50cc Ninja Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  4. Save £300.00 50cc Tommy Scooter
    colors4 Colours
    50cc Tommy Scooter
    "Free Top Box And Screen Worth £109.99"


  5. Save £300.00 50cc Viper Scooter
    colors1 Colour
    50cc Viper Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"



Thinking of investing in a new vehicle? At Direct Bikes, we can help you to make the right kind of choice. For example, we speak to many people who want to trade in the cumbersome act of driving a car for riding a bike. And it’s very easy to see why; with a scooter, you can have so much more freedom. This includes freedom from traffic jams as well as freedom from being held back by petrol prices.

Cars are expensive beasts to own. They cost you a lot of money to buy and to drive. However, have you ever thought about buying a 50cc scooter for sale instead? It’s often much cheaper. With a vehicle from Direct Bikes, such as a 50cc scooter, you can buy something much more suitable. So long as you don’t need to pick up more than one passenger, a 50cc scooter is a far better alternative for most than a car!

What is a 50cc scooter?

A 50cc scooter is a form of moped scooter that uses a 50 Cubic Centimetre engine. This means that it is quite powerful, though this is around the lowest class of vehicle that you are likely to come across. In terms of vehicles which are powered by a motor, then 50cc is going to be close to the smallest you can find. In terms of being road legal, it’s the smallest road legal engine that you can buy into.

This is why many choose to buy into the 50cc engine class. With a 50cc scooter for sale, you are buying something perfectly suited to your own skill level. If you are new to driving, then you will find that driving a 50cc scooter makes a lot of sense. It might just be the choice that you need for a simpler introduction to the driving experience.

At Direct Bikes, all of our 50cc scooters for sale are built to last. They are designed to give you an exceptionally enjoyable ride, and to ensure you never feel uncomfortable.Suited to both beginners and experienced riders, our 50cc scooters are a fine ride for everyone.

How fast is a 50cc scooter?

Just about any 50cc scooter for sale today will have a top speed of around 30mph. At Direct Bikes, all of our scooters come with a top speed of 30 miles per hour. However, some riders are capped at 28mph until you reach a certain age.Once you reach that age, though, you are legally permitted to go to the 30mph mark.

This speed is more than enough for just about anyone who is looking to drive locally or residentially. With one of our scooters, you can easily drive around towns, cities, and villages without any stress. It’s only A roads and motorways that could become a problem for you later on down the line. These would require a strong, faster vehicle than any 50cc scooter for sale.

Are 50cc scooters beginner friendly?

Given that you can ride one from the age of 16, yes!

A moped for sale is suitable to start learning to ride on. You will need to get your provisional bike riding license as well as pass your Compulsory Basic Training.

This is going to help you improve and grow into a more comfortable driver. You will be limited to what you can do with these, but for two years you can drive on the roads (not motorways) of the UK. You can then take the time to either re-sit your CBT and get another two years or go for your ‘big’ test.

It’s really a personal choice. If you stick at CBT level riding, the most that you can improve to is a 125cc bike. Keep that in mind, as if you want to step it up and you want to do so soon, you need to go above CBT level.

What can’t I do with my CBT?

If you choose to buy a 50cc scooter for sale and drive it with your CBT, you have two years to drive. You can go on any road in the United Kingdom that is not a motorway. You are not permitted to drive on a motorway at any time if you only hold your CBT license. However, you can’t ride on the motorway with any license if you are only riding a scooter with a 50cc engine. Please keep that in mind; if you need to travel on the motorway, you need one of our 125cc scooters.

However, please keep in mind that you are also not permitted to remove your L plates. Nor are you permitted to drive with a passenger. If you are caught breaking these rules, you are very likely to lose your license. This is going to be hard to recover, too, so please stick to the CBT rules if you get a 50cc moped.

Change the style of your driving

You can find a 50cc scooter for sale simply by looking around on the Direct Bikes store.

With the help of a 50cc moped for sale from Direct Bikes, you can become a totally different kind of driver. Just about anyone who gets used to the idea of driving a moped will be driving with complete comfort and freedom. It will give you total control over where you drive and how you drive. If it’s your main intention to get a vehicle that allows you to move with freedom and without any of the usual cost, go for a scooter.

Take a look at our number of scooters that we have today, and you can easily select a model suited to you. From our very popular 50cc Ninja scooter to the 50cc Spyder, we can help you to locate a quality scooter today. Just tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll ensure your purchase is a piece of cake.

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