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What Licence do I Need For a 125cc Moped?

What Licence do I Need For a 125cc Moped?

For anyone interested in getting a 125cc moped from Direct Bikes, you have many options to pick from. One thing that we think is quite confusing for new riders is what license you need for riding a 125cc moped. If you want to know the answer to that, then read on!

We get many riders asking us ‘what license do I need for a 125cc moped?’, only to find out they lack the right license. If you are in this position and you would like to get out of it, then you need only come and read below. This will break down all of the information that you need to get a 125cc moped on the road. The answer is actually quite confusing – at least for a beginner.

For anyone who would like to get into bike riding, you should com and take a look at our 125cc mopeds. You will find that they make an ideal starting place if you think that 50cc is too small for you. What, though, do you need to get in place before you could hop onto the seat of a 125cc moped from our store?

What license do I need for a 125cc moped?

If you are interested in picking up a 125cc moped, then making sure you have the right credentials is vital. If you wish to ride a 125cc moped, then you will need to get at least your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and pair it with a provisional riding license. Getting a provisional driving license means that you can get access to riding a 125cc motorbike. To ride on the roads of the UK with a CBT & provisional, though, you need to have the following:

  • Proof that you are at least 17 years of age.
  • Gained your Compulsory Basic Training.
  • Applied for your provisional driving license via the DVLA.
  • Been cleared for your provisional Category A driving license.

Even if you have all of the above and you are not the age of 17, you can only ride a 50cc moped. One you reach the age of 17, though, you can be trusted to step it up to ride a vehicle with a 125cc engine. Please note that this could be either a motorbike or it could be a moped. Your CBT will entitle you to start riding that. However, remember that you need to get your provisional and your CBT.

If you get your CBT and then want to step it up to the real thing, you can do so today. You would only need to go ahead and book in for your full motorcycle riding exam. This means passing both practical and theory tests, as well as the hazard perception course.

The full riding license that you would need is going to be either an A1 or A2 license. An A1 license entitles you to ride a 125cc moped from the age of 17-19, while an A2 covers you from 19-24. After the age of 21, you could apply for an unrestricted – an A license – license. You would need to have held your A2 for a minimum of two years, though, or be the age of 24+

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