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How Much is a Moped Licence Uk?

How Much is a Moped Licence Uk?

At Direct Bikes, one thing we’re always conscious of is making sure our customers buy a moped they can ride. Getting something that is suited not only to your driving experience, but your driving level is very important. That’s why we recommend that if you do wish to get into riding that you invest in the right moped. But before you buy a moped from our store, you need to get a moped license. Thankfully, there’s a few licenses that you could go for if you desire to get into riding. So how much is a moped license UK?

In terms of the license cost, it really does come down to what license you are going to be going for. First off, you will need to go and apply for what is known as your provisional license. This is needed to get you on the road, and it’s the same provisional that you would get for driving a car. If you already have a full UK car driving license, or a provisional license, then you obviously don’t need to get one.

How much is a provisional license? Typically, the cost is just £34 if you go by online. If you pay for it offline and do it via post, though, it will cost around £43. You then need to wait around 1-2 weeks for it to turn up. That’s the common waiting time.

If you wish to get into riding fully, though, you need to go and take your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) exam. Unless you passed your full driving license prior to the 1st February 2001, this is mandatory. However, even if you did pass before then, this would only entitle you to ride a 50cc moped without a CBT. If you wish to go higher than 50cc, such as to a 125cc, then you need to take your CBT.

How much is a moped license UK?

Your CBT is going to cost you around £130, though it can be a bit more/less depending on where you go. After this, if you wish to go and take the full bike riding examinations, you’d need to take lessons. Lessons are entirely variable in cost depending on who you learn with, how long you learn for etc.

You then need to take your motorbike theory test, which costs around £23. It takes you roughly one hour to go through and completing that is a necessity. You then have two years to go and pass your practical test, otherwise you have to re-sit your theory.

Your practical bike exam, the last part of your license test, will cost you anything up to and around the £100 mark. So, you have a fair amount of payments to make if you wish to get into riding. However, if you do wish to get into riding, then you cannot skip any of these points. you must, at the very least, have a provisional and a CBT pass unless you meet the circumstances above.

Need a hand working out what you can/cannot drive? Then come and speak to us at Direct Bikes. We’ll help you to work out what you still need before you could ride one of our mopeds.


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