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How Much is a New Moped?

How Much is a New Moped?

Thinking about buying a moped? Then you should do so through Direct Bikes. You might be looking to buy on a budget, as many riders are. If you are looking to buy for a good price, though, you have to look at getting a moped that is new. Many riders will settle for a used moped, but with Direct Bikes you really don’t have to. If you want to buy a quality new moped, then you need only take a look at our 50cc and 125c moped ranges.

From there, you can buy a brand new moped for a great price. That being said, how much is a new moped from our store?

How much is a new moped?

50cc mopeds

Our 50cc mopeds are some of the cheapest in the market without having to compromise on quality. Buy a 50cc moped from our store, and you could pick up a model for just £999. Our average price of £999, though, is not our lowest. We also sell models, such as our 50cc Scooter, for just £899 at the time of writing. We regularly run new sales and deals on our mopeds, making sure that you can get a tremendous deal.

If you are looking for an easy way to spend less when buying a vehicle, then, start here. You will find that our 50cc mopeds are easily among the most affordable in the country. They’ll help you to spend a lot less on the moped that you want, and get much more back in return. So, why not take a look at our 50cc rides?

With the quality of our various 50cc scooters, you can easily pick up something brand new today for under four figures. What, then, do you like the look of the most?

125cc mopeds

Our 125cc mopeds at Direct Bikes are also sold at a tremendously fair price. With one of our mopeds, you can get a tremendous deal for just £1,099. All of our 125cc mopeds start out at this very fair price. For a brand new moped that can hit 60mph? That’s an absolutely fantastic deal.

We’ve got a rich range of 125cc mopeds, too, such as our 125cc Spyder. This will give you access to some of the best 125cc mopeds in the price range. Even when you factor in delivery, insurance, and tax, you will be getting an absolutely outstanding package deal. So, why not think about getting a 125cc moped from our store?

With our rides all offering mileage in excess of 100mpg, you can easily pick up a great quality ride from our store today. You just need to choose what kind of ride you would like the most, and you can buy it direct from us.

Need a hand choosing? Just let us know. We can help you to look at our 50cc mopeds and 125cc scooters and pick out the right choice. With so much selection, we’ll be sure to have something absolutely sublime waiting for you!

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