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How Many Mpg does a 50cc Moped Get?

How Many Mpg does a 50cc Moped Get?

For anyone thinking about buying a moped today, you have a great many options to choose from. At Direct Bikes, we respect that range of choice and it’s out aim to make sure you can get a moped in your range. The main thing that you should be looking at when buying a moped is the engine size.

The size of the engine, after all, plays a major role in determining the speed of the vehicle. That’s why if you are looking to buy a scooter at 50cc, you need to know what kind of speed it can do. More importantly than just the speed, though, is the miles per gallon (mpg).

MPG plays a huge role in making sure you can get a good deal on the long-term running of your chosen vehicle. So, how many mpg does a 50cc moped get?

Let’s take a look. At Direct Bikes we make sure all of our rides have a standard top speed. The top speed that you can do in terms of with a 50cc moped from our store is 30mph. What kind of mileage, though, should you expect from a 50cc?

How many mpg does a 50cc moped get?

For any Direct Bikes 50cc moped, you can get a minimum of 100mpg. This is great value for money and will ensure that you can pick up the pace and cover large distances economically. If you are looking for an easy way to make sure you can get a moped that can eat up the mileage and carry you a fair distance, then you need a 50cc moped.

It’s the right choice for many riders, and it will ensure you can get all the help that you need for an economic ride. If you do most of your riding in a city area, as our 50cc mopeds are aimed at, you’ll love the mileage. This will mean that any time spent stuck at traffic lights etc. will become far less costly to you.

At the moment, you probably waste a fair amount of petrol just sitting in traffic. Not only can a 50cc moped help you to cut out traffic jams, but it will help you to cut out on petrol wastage. You might just find that over a month you have to put in a fair amount less petrol than you did beforehand. That’s why we always recommend that if you want a 50cc moped, you get one with high mileage.

And with every Direct Bikes 50cc moped promising a mileage of over 100mpg, you can get great fuel economy. That’s why we recommend that you take a look at one of our 50cc mopeds if you want a high-mileage riding solution. This will help you to cut down on the petrol consumption that you go through on a daily basis. On top of that, the cheap cost of our mopeds means the whole package is very affordable indeed!

So, what do you think would be most suited to you? What 50cc moped do you like the look of most?

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