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Small Mopeds

Small Mopeds

  1. Small Mopeds
  2. Small Mopeds Panther
  3. Small Mopeds Retro
  4. Small Mopeds Tommy
  5. Small Mopeds Milan
  6. Small Mopeds Scorpion
  7. Small Mopeds Spyder
  8. Small Mopeds Spyder 125cc
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  10. Small Mopeds Python
  11. Small Mopeds Scorpion 125cc
  12. Small Mopeds Tommy 125cc
  13. Small Mopeds Cruiser

Are you interested in getting into the world of biking? Good for you!

Transitioning from being a normal driver to a rider is quite a change. The ability to hit the road in a two-wheeled vehicle as opposed to four wheels can feel quite strange at first. However, once you start getting used to the unique changes in how you drive, you will probably find it hard to go back to driving a car.

If you are still new to the art of riding a bike, though, we recommend that you look at investing in small mopedsfrom Direct Bikes first and foremost. With our various mopeds, you can easily buy a brand scooter that feels 100% right for you. All you need to do is take a look at our store, and you can find brand new mopeds for just £999!

Why should I start with small mopeds?

The main reason is quite simple – you want to avoid putting yourself and others at danger. If you choose to buy a small moped, you are buying something that makes it much easier for you to stay safe. Why?

  • A small moped is typically going to be powered using a 50cc engine. This means that it will have a top speed of around 30 miles per hour. That’s great for learning on.
  • While 30mph might not sound very fast, for those who are driving in towns/cities it’s more than fast enough. This should give you a chanceto drive quickly and easily.
  • One thing you will find, too, is that mopeds of a smaller size tend to be more reliable in a pinch.
  • If you are worried about being involved in an accident, the improved handling can save you.
  • Driving something too fast, too soon will often put you at risk when it comes to riding your bike around. With a 50cc moped, you have enough time to learn with space for mistakes.

It’s down to these reasons that we recommend that anyone who is considering getting a moped does so today. Buying mopeds that aren’t so large is much easier due to the information available. If you choose to buy a small moped, you can know what you are getting in terms of top speed. However, there are some other reasons that we recommend that you go to make your investment on a smaller moped – at least to start. That’s why buying from our store makes so much sense for riders looking to keep their experience comfortable and safe!

Make the most of your finances

One thing about buying small mopeds is that they tend to give you tremendous fuel economy. 50cc mopeds, such as the 50cc Ninja scooter from Direct Bikes, offers exceptional fuel capacity. It will give you some excellent long-term fuel returns, meaning that you spend far less on petrol than you would expect

All of our 50ccs will be able to give you fuel economy of up to and beyond 100mpg. For those who are used to driving a car, this kind of extra long-term petrol cost can be quite amazing. You will spend far, far less on running a bike than you could ever have hoped for if you were to go and buy a car. Keep that in mind, though, as it will be a big part in the decision making process.

Instead of buying a gas-guzzling vehicle, our smaller mopeds make a fine economic choice. And when you are still learning about what kind of bike you would like to drive, or if you would like to drive full-stop, that can be very useful.  However, with so many different sizes of mopeds to pick from, where should you start? Let’s take a look.

Buying the right smaller scooter for you

  • We recommend that anyone who wants to buy a scooter that they know can do the job they need looks at buying the 50cc Scooter. This classic, all-purpose model should give you all the functions that you need to ensure you can drive around without any uncertainty or discomfort, even without much riding experience beforehand.
  • Want to buy something a touch more sport-minded? Then go for the 50cc Ninja. While still limited to the same 30mph top speed, it handles a bit more like a sports bike. It will give you a fine example of what riding a bike would be like for you.
  • Fancy anold school model? Then the 50cc Retro is just what you should be looking for. It retains that vintage look whilst giving you a model that is modern in every way. They are without doubt the ideal choice for anyone who wants a moped they know is fast enough. The Retro works well because it looks old-school without taking any risks with your safety.
  • If you want a more all-purpose model again that still has a kind of retro feel to it, get the 50cc Tommy. The Tommy is such a fine choice of model for anyone who is looking for a moped that they can use for getting around a city. The great fuel economy mixed with the impressive handling makes it a must-have for anyone still learning.
  • When you want to go above and beyond and buy something properly sleek, though, the 50cc Spyder is by far and away the ideal choice. It gives you something that you can use to your advantage; a small moped that’s still large enough to help you move around without having to worry about handling problems or anything similar.

Buying small mopeds from Direct Bikes

Even with all of the options given to you above, you might find it a bit more challenging to pick a bike out from the collection. We recommend that if you are unsure in any way then you get in touch with the team at Direct Bikes. Simply tell the staff member that you speak to about what you are looking for and what your budget is. Our team are always happy to help you out!

We can then evaluate all of our various mopeds and make sure you can make an investment that you will be happy with. That’s a big reason why we always recommend that you look to buy a range of small sized mopeds from Direct Bikes. With our informative experts, you can pick out a model that is going to be perfectly suited to your personal driving needs. So, why settle for second best?

With our variety of small mopeds at Direct Bikes, you can buy some of the best small-sized mopeds you will find anywhere in the UK. With the added choice and the excellent value provided, this can make a complex and confusing purchase much easier to work out. If you do any help choosing from the numerous mopeds, of any particular size, ask for help at Direct Bikes. We can make sure you leave our site with a brand new moped that’s 100% right for you!

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