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Scooters For Sale

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Scooters for sale by Direct Bikes in both 50cc and 125cc. All available in a large choice of colours and styles. So if you've decided that you want to buy a scooter then you're definitely in the right place! We're the UK's number one scooter brand because we make the process to be as easy as possible.

If you've decided you want to buy a scooter, then it can be helpful to do plenty of research first. You have to consider things like engine size, your needs, and any previous experience. Luckily, we've got you covered with our brilliant range of scooters for sale.

Perhaps you're looking for a sporty model to get you around town. If so, something like the Panther or Ninja will be ideal. Or maybe you're looking for a more retro design that makes you feel as if you're cruising around Rome. In that case, you'd be better with the Milan or Tommy. Don't let us decide for you though, check out our full range for yourself.

Each of our excellent models comes in both 50cc and 125cc engine sizes. This means that if you've seen the perfect scooter for sale, you don't need to be limited by your skill. Choosing the right engine size is possibly the most important part, so this is what you should look for first.

What scooter is right for me?

So you've browsed our range of scooters for sale, but don't know where to go from here. As mentioned, the most important thing when looking for a scooter for sale is the engine size. The biggest restriction on this is age, and so it's worth checking out before going any further.

For example, if you're 16, then you can only ride a 50cc scooter. If you're 17 or over, however, you can ride a 125cc scooter. So you should only look for scooters for sale that are right for your age, and needs. Generally, a 50cc scooter is ideal for cruising around town, while a 125cc is better for longer journeys.

Regardless of your age, or the engine size, you need to sit the CBT. It's important to do this before you start looking for scooters for sale. This is because you can then just go straight on the road.

If you're looking for help when it comes to scooters for sale, Direct Bikes has you covered. We make the buying process very easy, and we offer delivery across the UK. It's incredibly easy to complete, and our handy guide talks you through the steps. What's more, we also offer some very helpful finance packages on all our scooters for sale.

So if you're looking for a scooter for sale, look no further than Direct Bikes. We have everything you need for a super easy process. We can even help you sort out insurance if that's something else you need. Browse our full range today to find your perfect scooter.

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