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Adult Scooter

Adult Scooters

  1. 50cc Sports Adult Scooter
  2. 50cc Ninja Adult Scooter
  3. 50cc Retro Adult Scooter
  4. 50cc Viper Adult Scooter
  5. 50cc Tommy Adult Scooter
  6. 50cc Milan Adult Scooter
  7. 50cc Scorpion Adult Scooter
  8. 50cc Spyder Adult Scooter
  9. 125cc Spyder Adult Scooter
  10. 125cc Milan Adult Scooter
  11. 125cc Cobra Adult Scooter
  12. 125cc Scorpion Adult Scooter
  13. 125cc Tommy Adult Scooter
  14. 125cc Cruiser Adult Scooter
  15. 125cc Classic Adult Scooter
  16. 125cc Viper Adult Scooter

What is an adult scooter?

Technically speaking, any scooter is an adult scooter. However, our range of models covers everything from 50cc mopeds to 125cc motorbikes. An adult scooter like the 50cc Panther is ideal for nipping around town, and short journeys. Something like the 125cc Daytona, however, is much better for making longer journeys out of town.

We've got you covered for things like excellent fuel efficiency and ease of use. Our range of models offers some of the best miles-per-gallon on the market, which is ideal for saving you money. What's more, there are plenty of different adult scooter models to choose from to suit any style!

We offer both adult scooters and adult motorbikes, with a maximum engine size of 125cc. While you can get much more powerful models, these are ideal for daily commutes or cruising at the weekend. Also, they make great transitional models to get you prepared for more powerful bikes.

Our range of vehicles also covers electric models, and the same rules of the road apply to these. However, they will save you even more money than the petrol versions, simply because you're not paying for fuel! This gives even more choice for those who are looking for eco-friendly transport.

What do you need to ride an adult scooter?

At the very minimum, you need a CBT to ride an adult scooter. This consists of a day's training to teach you the basics. There are different levels for different engine sizes, and the CBT does come with some restrictions. For example, you can't take a passenger on the back, and you have to keep your L-plates.

However, getting a full licence once you're an adult means that you'll have no restrictions on engine size. This makes riding a great way to practice handling a vehicle on the road. You can then transition to a more powerful motorbike once you feel more confident.

The minimum age for riding a scooter is 16 for a 50cc, and 17 for a 125cc. Therefore, you technically don't need to be an adult to ride our range of models. However, being over 18 gives you access to many more benefits on the road. For example, you can have bigger engines, cheaper insurance, and can carry passengers.

Buying an adult scooter

Our range of models cover all needs and styles. So whether you're looking for a retro cruiser or a sporty town vehicle, we've got you covered. We offer UK delivery on all models, and can even help you sort out insurance. Here at Direct Bikes, we're fully aware of all the benefits of riding a scooter compared to driving a car. So if you've been thinking of making the switch, browse our range today. It won't take you long to find a favourite.