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Scooters 125

Scooters 125

As a first time driver, one thing you might be unsure about is what kind of scooter to buy. With so many options on the market, it can be quite challenging to work out what you should and should not be buying. When you are unsure about what to buy, though, the best thing you can do is think about your decision. Don’t make an impulse buy; the decision you are making is simply too important to rush. If you are looking to make your first vehicle purchase a scooter, then, what kind of engine should you look at?

As you might know, scooters can range in power from anything from 50cc up to 750cc in power. That’s a very important distinction to make, as many people don’t realise that. Most assume that a scooter is simply a 50cc powered motor vehicle. However, you can easily go up and above 125. However, should you really be looking at scooters 125 and above for your first vehicle?

We would suggest not. And here are some of the reasons why we would suggest sticking to a limit of around 125cc.

125 is a great learning power

For those who are looking to learn about driving, it’s not just about the speed you can go at. Yes, speed plays a huge role in being a driver. So, too, does being able to handle driving at quick speeds. That being said, it would not be wise for you to look at driving at anything over 60mph for the first period of time you are driving.

If you choose to go for a 125cc engine, you are picking up a vehicle that can hit speeds of around 60mph. Some may even go higher. Outside of motorways, this is faster than you can legally go in most towns and cities. So, if you are looking to experience quick paces along roads that would not make other drivers have to slow down, 125cc makes a good starting point.

The reason why 125cc is such a good starting point is that it is a great power to learn at. You can drive fast but you still have just enough control over what your vehicle is doing. That is great for making sure you can keep on driving without any distraction or fears of going too fast.

125 gives you plenty of wiggle room

Another reason to make your first scooter a 50cc or 125cc engine is the fact that you can have so much wiggle room. Going faster than this with a more powerful engine, say a 250cc engine, would mean going too fast for a beginner. You could often find that you are going to lack handling power and stopping power if you go higher up the food chain in terms of engine power.

That can be just as dangerous as anything else. It’s a big reason why we recommend that any new drivers should look to take it easy and pick up a vehicle that feels safe for them to handle. Why should you take any risk with your life, or the lives of anyone else?

With a 125 engine, you have enough power to go fast but not enough power to go too fast. So long as you are not reckless, 125cc scooters should give you enough time to stop and think about what you are doing. This is very useful indeed for new drivers. If you want to learn how to drive efficiently and safely, then, you should be looking at a 125cc engine model.

Spend less on running costs

125 scooters make an exceptional choice of product if you are looking for something nice and strong. However, they are also going to give you some excellent fuel economy. With the help of this, you can spend less on your traditional running costs. You will find that running the vehicle is going to be much easier for you if you are going to be on the road a lot. Most scooters 125 in power will be more likely to give you as much as 100 miles got every gallon that you drive.

That is brilliant fuel economy, and will go a long way to making sure your first vehicle is going to be among the most affordable that you drive. It’s for this reason that we suggest anyone looking at scooters in the 125cc range should try them out first and foremost. Their excellent fuel efficiency will help you to save valuable pounds that you can put towards other factors in life.

If you want to make sure your first vehicle is not going to bleed you dry, go for a 125cc engine scooter. With so many to choose from, you won’t be short of options.

125cc scooters are easier to insure

If you were to buy something a bit more powerful, such as a 250cc scooter, insurance can be a problem. However, you can more easily get scooter insurance if you buy something more beginner friendly. As a new driver, you might find it harder to get affordable insurance from a scooter company. You will therefore want to make sure that you spend some time looking into buying a scooter that makes sense from a beginner point of view.

While you can still get insurance for something higher, your newness will go against you in terms of getting a fair deal. You might find that you have to spend a great deal more than you would have wanted on insurance. If you go and get yourself a package that is for a 125cc scooter, though, insurance feels will often come down a fair deal.

That is why we always recommend that new and first time drivers go and buy a 125cc engine scooter. If you feel that is too much, then drop it down to 50cc. Going above 125cc, though, is not a good idea if you are still learning your way around the concept of driving. Keep that in mind, and you can make the right purchase!