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125 Mopeds

125 Mopeds

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When you want to buy a moped from Direct Bikes, we always look to make sure you buy a bike you can immediately learn to ride. For us, the most important question that we can ask you is this: what engine speed are you looking for?

Buying a moped means buying something with the right engine power to suit you personally. If you are not used to riding around in a moped, or if this is going to be your first moped, you might want to look at one of two engine styles.

At Direct Bikes, we think that any rider who is new or intermediate in experience should look at 125 mopeds. The main reason is quite simple: a 125cc moped is something that gives you great consistency. With a moped any larger, it can be quite hard to get a grip on how it handles. Acceleration can feel much more unpredictable on something like a 250cc moped.

By contrast, with 125cc mopeds from Direct Bikes, though, you are buying something that is much more consistent. This allows for easier management of your driving, as you know exactly what your bike is capable of.

All of our mopeds are built to give you the same top speed – 60 miles per hour. Maintaining a slower speed is easy, but it does give you the option to speed up if need be. It will give you the chance to go about your day at a speed more than suited to most activities, too. That’s why we always recommend that if you want to do more than drive around your town/city that you look at 125cc models.

What are 125 mopeds good for?

  • A moped with an engine power of around 125cc is going to be more than good enough for driving around the countryside. Your top speed ensures you aren’t going to be holding up traffic.
  • However, with a 125cc moped you also have a vehicle that is very easy to handle. Our models give you an instant response when you ask for a certain action, which is great for beginners.
  • With larger scooters and bikes, the reaction can often feel a touch less consistent. Our in-house scooters, though, are built to make sure reactions always feel the same.
  • Also, most 125cc scooters that we sell at Direct Bikes are using an Automatic transmission.
  • This means that they are powered using a Twist & Go engine style. This lets you twist on the handlebars, feel the power increase, and then simply ease off to slow down.
  • For new drivers who are uneasy or uncertain about handling gearbox changes, this can be very useful to help keep you on the right track as you drive.
  • Another important thing about driving around with a smaller moped with a 125cc engine is the ease of learning. You get used to driving fast, whilst having time to avoid mistakes.
  • This is what many larger mopeds lack; space for making a mistake. Our bikes give you the crucial balance of enjoying yourself whilst having the time to learn.
  • You can easily drive a 125cc moped from the age of 17, so long as you have your provisional bike riding license.
  • You also need to be able to pass your Compulsory Basic Training. This means you are valid to rid your 125cc moped for two years before having to go and re-sit your test.
  • Think about all the experience that you could get in those two years!

Why are 125cc mopeds good for learning on?

While we would recommend anyone who has just passed their CBT to consider buying a 50cc moped first, it’s not a necessity. With all of the 125cc mopeds we have for sale at Direct Bikes, you can easily pick up a model that is going to be nice and affordable for you to ride around on. These models are mostly Automatic, as stated above, so you have just as easy a time learning on this as you do with a 50cc model.

It just depends on how comfortable you feel breaking the 30mph barrier. For those who are doing more or less all of their driving in a city, we might suggest sticking to a 50cc model to learn on. Should you pass your CBT and choose to go for your full driving license, though, you’ll likely want to step up to our 125 mopeds.

The main reason is quite simple: you will be able to drive on the motorway. For most riders, getting used to the motorway is the last step they take to becoming a fully-fledged rider. It requires extensive concentration and a full appreciation of your speed relative to other drivers. With a 125cc moped from Direct Bikes, though, you will be going fast – but not so fast that you feel as if you are going to put in danger!

We recommend that you think about this closely, as learning to handle the motorways is a big part of becoming a ‘full’ driver. We recommend that you look to get one of our mopeds at Direct Bikes if you wish to learn whilst moving towards becoming a fully-fledged rider.

What kind of mopeds should I buy from Direct Bikes?

With various models to pick from at Direct Bikes, we want to give you all of the choice that you could need. If you would like some help in picking out a model that is fully suited to you as a rider, we recommend you contact us. We can run through all of our models and help you to make a choice based on your personal details.

One of our most popular 125 mopeds at the moment is the 125cc Lynx. The Lynx is classy, sleek, and modern. It comes with a very impressive style with a low profile compared to some other models. It’s quite sporty, too, making it a good choice for anyone who wants a sleek and stylish looking 125cc model.

However, another good choice would be our popular 125cc Tommy. The Tommy has many admirers for its old-school style and its robust, wide back. If you are looking for a scooter model with a more vintage look, then the Tommy is a good choice for you.

Whether you want something classically designed or something with a more modern touch, we’ll have something for you. All of our 125cc mopeds are brand new, come with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty, and all of the customer support that you could need.

With delivery available within three working days, you can get driving more or less as soon as you are ready. Get your 125cc model insured and road taxed, and it’s good to drive upon arrival!

Got any questions about any of our models? Then don’t hesitate to contact us today. The Direct Bikes team will be more than happy to help you select a model. Just remember; 125cc mopeds are as useful for beginners as they are veterans!

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