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When you take a look at the sheer number of scooters UK riders can pick from today, you have a great amount of options to choose from. With such a wide variety of manufacturers and vendors to pick from, it pays to take the time to look around at all of your options. If that sounds like a familiar conundrum for you, then we have a suggestion for you: take a look at Direct Bikes. We’re one of the most trusted vendors in the UK for brand new 50-125cc scooters for a reason!

Direct Bikes is a go-to pick for many riders. We sell various kinds of scooters UK drivers could start using legally on the roads upon arrival. With some of the best choices on the market to pick from, they make it increasingly easy for riders to pick out a model that they would enjoy learning on. All models with Direct Bikes are brand new, also. This gives you access to a fantastic quality of scooter selection, making sure that you can pick up a model that suits your needs as a driver.

Who wants to buy something that is half broken or used previously by another rider? With Direct Bikes, you don’t to settle for second-hand. Why else, though, should you buy from Direct Bikes?

A vast selection

One major reason why many people look to buy a scooter from Direct Bikes is our number of options. At Direct Bikes, we always look to have a large collection of mopeds and scooters of various engine sizes. The two most common engine sizes you will see are 50cc and 125cc.

Both engine ranges will give you the chance to pick up a fast, flighty, and agile looking bike. It will give you a solid solution; one that allows you to drive nice and easily along the roads of the UK. However, one thing to think about before making a purchase is the kind of scooter that you would like. The main difference from a 50cc and a 125cc moped is the fact that it will be different in speed.

At Direct Bikes, though, you are picking from a very high quality collection of scooters & mopeds. We pride ourselves on the quality, consistency, and reliability of our rides.

Excellent variety in style

One thing that you will find Direct Bikes, too, is that all of the available scooters UK riders can buy are different. Our models come with their own quirks and personalities. Yes, a 125cc and 50cc model will feel different to one another. But even the numerous different 50cc models will feel different to one another!

That’s a big reason why we think that you should definitely look to take a look at our stock today. You can not only pick from a good collection of bikes, but you will be picking from a good variety of bikes. From sleek and sporty mopeds to models aimed at those who want to take part in delivery driving, you can find a model to suit just about any kind of choice or personality.

The main barrier to buying a bike, then, comes down to choosing a style!

Plenty of support

Struggling to make a choice? Then let us help you come to the right conclusion.

Another nice touch is that if you do choose to buy from Direct Bikes, you can ask our staff anything you choose. You could call up to enquire about a vehicle and to find out how suitable it would be for you. You might call ahead to try and book a vehicle in advance so that you can get it picked up or delivered.

You will find that any questions that you have will be answered thoroughly and clearly. The Direct Bikes team like to help people get the right kind of model for their own particular riding style, so keep that in mind. This means that you can trust the advice given. The aim here isn’t to make you buy any old bike; it’s to make sure that you order the bike which is most suited to the kind of driving that you will be doing.

Assistance with finance

Another great boon that comes from using Direct Bikes is our excellent customer support platform. If you choose to buy a bike through us, you will get access to useful scooter finance and scooter insurance help. This means that you don’t have to pay through the nose, or pay everything upfront, for your scooter.

You can get a finance deal, even with a poor credit rating, and pick up a bike that is going to be perfectly suited to your needs. It will give you the help that you need to buy a bike and know that the purchase you have made is one that you can be happy with. So long as you buy the bike through Direct Bikes, you can get all the help that you need to arrange financing, insurance, and anything else that you need.In short, we remove all of the stress involved in buying a scooter.

We want this process to be fun and rewarding, not frustrating.

Excellent value for money

With every model that you buy when it comes to Direct Bikes and their scooter selection, you are getting value for money. Every model is brand new, cared for by our team prior to release, and can be delivered right to your door. With delivery in 1-3 working days from payment, too, we make sure you are getting your new ride nice and quickly.

The model will be brought to you in a safe and secure manner, making sure that it arrives in pristine condition. This means that you get to pick up a model that will, if cared for correctly, give you a bike that could lats for many years to come.

If your main aim when buying a bike is to find something that you could ride for years to come, then you should definitely take a look at Direct Bikes. With some of the best scooters UK riders can pick up on these shores, you’ll be sure to get an excellent deal. Just be sure to take the time to look at each model and if you aren’t sure, contact the Direct Bikes team.

Our team can tell you what bike as part of their collection would suit your lifestyle and your budget. So, why not make riding a scooter easier? Why not make the process of buying one even easier still?

With simple ordering online or through our support team, you can make buying a bike as easy as can be. So, let’s remove the stress and the confusion and make buying a bike a whole lot easier moving forward!

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