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Scooter Bike For Sale

Scooter Bike For Sale

  1. Scooter Bike For Sale
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    125cc Eagle Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  2. 125cc Daytona Motorcycle
    colours2 Colours
    125cc Daytona Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  3. 125cc Sports RS Motorcycle
    colours2 Colours
    125cc Sports RS Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  4. 125cc Storm Motorcycle
    colours2 Colours
    125cc Storm Motorcycle


  5. 125cc Enduro S Motorcycle
    colours3 Colours
    125cc Enduro S Motorcycle


  6. 125cc Nevada Motorbikes
    colours1 Colour
    125cc Nevada Motorbikes
    "Free Side Box And Screen Worth £89.99"


When you want to buy a scooter, you need to know exactly what you want. Just like buying any other kind of vehicle and/or form of transport, knowledge is power. Go to a dealership and buy blind, and you will almost never get what you wanted. That’s why at Direct Bikes we look to give you every inch of information you need. We hate the idea of you having to buy a scooter for sale from our store without 100% confidence.

Given the sheer number of options we have when you are looking for ascooter bike for sale that we have, it makes sense to always stand back and look closely. Before you make such a big purchase, always take the time to evaluate. The wrong purchase could cost you a lone of money. So, you should always look to ask yourself the following questions. Should you need any help answering these questions, though, we are just a single phone call away or a quick message via e-mail. We’ll be happy to help you make sure you can make your scooter purchase without any uncertainty.

How much do I have to spend?

The first question should always come down to cost. Before you even think about what you wish to buy, think about the budget. If your budget is not able to stretch beyond a certain price, you need to know. It will more or less always depend on what you are looking to buy to be honest. If you are looking to buy a model of a particular speed, set the price accordingly.

Typically, a 50cc scooter should cost you upwards of £1,000. However, at Direct Bikes we sell you 50cc scooters starting at just £959. Our 125 scooters, by contrast, start at just £1,099. This should ensure that you can buy a brand new moped without having to expend a huge amount of time, money, or energy.

Keep that in mind, and it should make it a bit easier for you to find a model that you would be happy to drive. With a scooter bike for sale from our store, you will always get a great deal. At the same time, though, we recommend that you look to use our finance program if you need any at all in managing payments. We can give you all the help that you need to easily and effectively afford your new scooter bike. With up to £5,000 borrowable, we make buying a bike as affordable as it should be.

How fast do I want to go?

The next thing that we recommend you look closely at is the speed that you intend to go. Thankfully, this is often much easier to determine for you. Should you wish to stay in the 30mph max range, then cap your search at a50cc scooter bike for sale.

50cc are capped at 30mph and should give you just the level of power that you need to scoot around locally. However, you should always look to know what kind of speed you wish to do. As you might imagine, 30mph is not fast enough for the motorway. A 125cc engine, though, could hit as much as 60mph if you buy the right model. Keep that in mind, as speed should always play a role in buying a model. All of our models come with detailed specifications so you can easily find out what their ideal top speed is.

Where will I drive it?

You always want to know where you intend to use the model, too. If you are buying your moped for any kind of speed, then 50cc should be ruled out. For those who want a thrill, 30mph may not give you enough excitement. If you choose to buy a model that is fast enough to go above 50mph, go for a 125cc model.

You will need to look the various 125cc scooters for sale, though. Many options exist, and it will be beneficial to know the exact model you want to drive. If you intend on going on roads and motorways with it, then make sure you are buying a model that can handle well.

Always consider the economy, too, if you are going to be driving it in cities. Thankfully, most mopeds for sale are going to be pretty fuel efficient. All of our mopeds can provide you with a mileage of around 100mpg, if not more.

Does the brand matter?

When looking at a scooter bike for sale, it’s very easy to get seduced by the brand. If you want something a bit more particular, then it pays to look at more particular brands such as Direct Bikes. We’ve got some brilliant scooters that you can pick from, with varying engine sizes and riding profiles. This makes a scooter bike much simpler!

We offer various models to pick from, and each one should give you a good starting price. If you are looking to avoid spending so much due to the cost of the big brands, then look beyond the badge. Look into the specs and the system requirements, and you should find it much easier to get things done. With everything easily detailed and explained onsite, you should take a look at our brands today.

Making the right choice of scooter bike for sale

We know that buying a bike can seem like a daunting experience. If you are not sure about what you want to ride, then tell us. We can show you all of our models and break down what models we think would be most suited to a rider of your experience and budget.

All that we need to know is where you intend to ride with that bike. This will help us to pick out the ideal scooter for sale, giving you something much more reliable and affordable overall. Instead of making buying a bike tough, we make the purchase a simple process. All that we need to know, really, is what you are hoping for from your bike. Show us what you are thinking about, and we can help you to make the correct choice of scooter bike!

It’s not hard to buy a moped for sale, not with Direct Bikes. Instead, we strip away the complexity and make it a simple process. By giving you tremendous prices and simple selections, we make getting your ideal bike a piece of cake. So, what kind of scooter bike have you got your eye on?


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