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125cc Bikes For Sale

125cc Bikes For Sale

  1. 125cc Bikes For Sale
    colours1 Colour
    125cc Thunderblade Motorcycle


    £85 /month* klarna
  2. 125cc Assassin Motorcycle
    colours1 Colour
    125cc Assassin Motorcycle


    £111 /month* klarna

When you want to go ahead and buy a new bike ride, you have to know what you want first. That’s why at Direct Bikes we make sure you are never short in information. When making a purchase with us, you need to know exactly what you want. To make sure that is the case, every bike comes fully detailed. With clear specs and descriptions, you’ll be able to buy a bike without any issue at all. So, take a look at our 125cc bikes for sale, and you can easily pick out the right model for you.

The only question that you need to answer, then, is what ride you would like. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular rides, then.

The 125cc Eagle

One of our most popular 125cc bikes for sale is the 125cc Eagle. It’s easily among our most popular bikes, giving you a solid starting place. Priced at only £1,099, too, we make sure you can get a tremendous price. A fair size and with a solid 4-stroke air-cooled engine, the 125cc Eagle is a fine ride for any rider experienced or new to the riding game.

We use a solid 1-down, 4-up gear box on this as well to ensure you can get the right gears. For those who want to buy a solid bike with all the usual features, start with the Eagle. It’s the ideal choice for an all-round bike that won’t ever let you down.

The 125cc Nevada

Next up on our list is the very impressive 125cc Nevada. The Nevada is a beautiful ride; one that comes with plenty of storage space, too. If you need a bike that can help you to cover a lot of ground easily but also offer storage, start here. The Nevada also comes with a free top box, just like the rest of our bikes. This can give you even more storage space to make sure you can ride fairly and flawlessly.

With a top speed of around 60 miles per hour, too, the Nevada is an outstanding place to start. It’s solid, safe, secure, and reliable. With a 5-speed gearbox, too, you can have all the help that you need to find your ideal and comfortable top speed. Add in the fuel consumption rate which is among our best, and the Nevada is an ideal starting place!

The 125cc Daytona

Should you want something a bit more low profile, though, the 125cc Daytona makes a fantastic ally. It’s a great choice of those who want a stylish looking bike available in both black and orange. The rich nature of its colour ensures that the Daytona is a bike that can stand out a mile away. That sleek and stylish sports body ensures that you look like a rider, too!

It’s got a pair of halogen twin headlights and a set of wavy sports discs that look very cool indeed. For a more modern and robust looking motorbike with plenty of top speed, be sure to look at our Daytona.

The Daytona is one of our most popular rides with a lot of people due to just how well it can handle. If you are looking for a bike that’s ideal for tight roads, the low-profile Daytona works well.

The Enduro S

What about if you want something that looks like a dirt bike, or has that stylish riding profile?

Then go for our new and improved 125cc Enduro S. Sleek and easy to ride, the Enduro S is easily one of our most popular bikes to go for. It has increasingly impressive acceleration andcan hit the top speed that you would have expected of a bike of this class.

It also looks fantastic, giving you a very sleek and fresh looking bike. If you are looking to pick up something that can make riding feel so easy, then start with the Enduro S.

At just £1,699 it’s one of our best 125cc bikes for sale. With the sleek nature of the body and its ferocious riding style, it’s one of our ideal starting places. So, which of our 125cc bikes for sale will you look at first?

Get the bike that you want, as well as the bike you need

When you choose to buy a ride from our store, one thing that you will find is we have ample selection. It’s why so many riders choose Direct Bikes. All of our bikes come with a detailed on-site list of specifications as well as descriptions. This will help you to know what you are buying both in terms of style and in terms of stats.

For a simple and easy bike to buy, then, take a look at our new and improved 125cc bikes. You will find it very easy indeed to pick out a top quality bike for sale that looks good, feels great, and retains consistency on the road.

Given our bikes start at just £1,099, too, we have some of the most affordable bikes you can find in the UK. So, what model do you want to buy first?

Make sure you get your bike as soon as possible

Making the exciting purchase of a bike is something that is sure to have your eyes focused on the clock. If you want to make sure that you can fully understand when your bike will arrive, choose Direct Bikes. We offer swift, simple, and safe delivery of your bike.

It will arrive within just three working days. This will mean that you can get your bike ordered early in the week and have it waiting for you by the weekend. All that you have to do then is fit the accessories that we give you and get your insurance plus tax sorted. Then, you can start riding your new 125cc bike!

With our brand new bikes to pick from and with delivery all across the UK, we’re the simplest choice for a rider. Why not take the stress and pressure out of buying a motorcycle today?

Thanks to the Direct Bikes team, you can buy a bike that’s super-simple to get delivered. Instead of stressing and fretting about getting your bike delivered, let’s make it easy. For more help from our in-house experts, give us a call for a simple, easy solution!

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