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Peds For Sale

Peds For Sale

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For anyone who has their eye on some peds for sale through Direct Bikes, you’ll notice we have a great selection. Our selection is split into two major categories of moped. These are 50cc mopeds, and 125cc scooters.

Our two major categories give you similar yet different riding styles. Riding a 50cc or 125cc engine is going to give you some different experiences for the most part. Why? Because riding a 50cc engine is all about driving around in a calm, slower-paced manner. At 50cc, you are limited to around 30 miles per hour of top speed. As you might imagine that kind of speed is going to be fast enough to suit city driving.

If you are someone who does most of their driving in a city, then you can find that our 50cc peds are a good starting place. They give you some excellent benefits, making sure that you can easily start spending less whilst seeing a greater return for your investment. Why, though?

What is it that makes our 50cc peds for sale such a great investment for someone who is just starting out?

The benefits of 50cc mopeds

  • A 50cc moped is limited to a top speed of 30 miles per hour. That is going to give you enough top speed to get around, but not enough top speed to feel out of control.
  • You can easily brake and handle your ped if you are driving around at 30mph. For inexperienced drivers, the ability to stay calm and in control of the experience is very important indeed.
  • It’s a big part of the reason why you can start learning how to ride a 50cc moped at just 16. You can go for your provisional license and your CBT exam from age 16.
  • Pass the practical and theory test, and you will soon find it much easier to drive around on your 50cc moped without much issue. You’ll need to wear your L plates, though.
  • Given your limited top speed, though, L plates can be a good solution for making sure you aren’t going to be putting yourself at risk, as it alerts other drivers.
  • 50cc mopeds from Direct Bikes start at just £959, giving you the chance to pick up a top quality moped that is brand new and safe to start riding once it is insured and taxed.

With the help of a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes, you will get ample opportunity to learn about how to ride safely. It’s like a live-experience education; the kind that should really help you to become a bitter rider in time. If you go too fast and jump up to a 125cc scooter, it might be too much for you.

When you feel ready, though, stepping up to a 125cc scooter can feel very enjoyable indeed. Why, though, are 125cc scooters worth considering once you have some experience?

Why are 125cc scooters a good step up from a 50cc moped?

Ordering one of our various peds for sale through Direct Bikes is extremely easy. Simply add your chosen model to your cart and use our secure payment system to make your payment. However, if you choose to go down the route of riding at 125cc, we recommend you consider the following:

  • One thing that you will find about riding a 125cc scooter is that you have plenty of top speed. Compared to a 50cc moped, you should be able to ride at speeds as high as 60mph.All our models list their top speed on-site for easy reference.
  • With a 60mph top speed, you can easily move around motorways and A roads without having to worry about being too slow. Handling, though, does not necessarily become harder.
  • If you choose to buy a 125cc moped, then you are going to be able to have more space for storage and more space for a passenger. 125cc models are typically larger.
  • With a 125cc model, you should not notice a huge spike in the cost of your petrol. Mileage is commonplace for a scooter at both 50cc and 125cc level to be around 100mpg. Again, all our models list this on the website for you to check out.
  • That will help you to save money, making sure that you are not spending so much of your money on petrol costs. If you step up to a larger moped, like a 250cc moped, that changes.

At 125cc, then, you are often getting something a fair bit more powerful than your average moped. However, it’s not necessarily any more dangerous or difficult to drive. That’s a big reason why so many people tend to invest their money into going for a 125cc model instead. The main challenge is getting used to the extended top speed, and also (for some models) the change in transmission. All of our 50cc models use Automatic transmission, whereas our 125cc models are more mixed. Some are Manual, others Automatic.

Compared to riding something larger, though, 125cc is the ideal starting point for most beginners and intermediates. That is why so many riders choose to go for something like a 125cc moped over something larger like a 250cc moped. It’s faster than a 50cc, but not dangerously so. They also share more similarities in terms of riding style, top speed, transmission, and mileage.

That’s why we recommend you should look to buy one of the peds that we sell at Direct Bikes.

Why should I buy peds for sale from Direct Bikes?

If you are interested in buying a moped, then you should look to do so through our collection at Direct Bikes. Every model of moped that we sell is brand new; this is going to give you great value for money. This means you have total peace of mind over the quality and the newness of all parts of your moped.

If you are interested in buying a better quality of moped, you should look to buy one of our models here at Direct Bikes. Every model is brand new, which gives you much greater confidence in how long the bike can last. By contrast, with a used moped, you don’t know what kind of technical or mechanical faults exist within.

That’s why we recommend that you should always look to buy from our stock. With everything brand new and never been ridden before, you can pick up a quality moped without spending too much. Buying is nice and simple, too, with the payment put through in a few simple clicks. We even offer finance support if you need it!

Our 50cc mopeds start at just £959 in price, and our 125cc mopeds start at £1,099. This is going to give you all the help that you need to find a moped that really suits your budget.

For more help, though, don’t hesitate to ask. The Direct Bikes team will be more than happy to take a look and see what kind of mopeds we have to suit you. Whatever type of moped you are looking for, though, we’ll be sure to have something in store for you!

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