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New Mopeds 50cc

New Mopeds 50cc

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  2. New Mopeds 50cc Panther
  3. New Mopeds 50cc Retro
  4. New Mopeds 50cc Tommy
  5. New Mopeds 50cc Milan
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For anyone who is looking to buy a moped for the first time, knowing where to begin with your investment can be tough work. At Direct Bikes, though, we look to take the confusion and the challenge out of buying a moped away. By making buying brand new mopeds 50cc nice and easy, we’ll ensure you can do everything online.

That’s why we recommend that anyone who is new to the idea of owning a moped should look at buying a new moped 50cc or above. With our prices starting at just £959, you can easily buy a brand new moped starting from today.

We’re going to show you two awesome 50cc mopeds that you should look at in a moment, but first off we want to cover some basic ground rules about driving a moped of this kind. With so many new mopeds powered at 50cc, knowing what you are driving is very important. That’s why we give you all the details that you could possibly need before you go ahead and make your purchase!

Can I drive a 50cc moped around town?

Yes, you can. We recommend that you take a look at buying a moped at 50cc if you are looking for something relatively safe and simple to drive around your local area. So long as you have your CBT license, you should be safe to go on the roads. You will also need to have at least a provisional driving license. A CBT exam costs you around £100 and should take you about a day’s work to complete.

This will give you the skills you need to make sure you can safely drive a moped around city areas and towns.You will also need to ensure that you have your L plates equipped at all times.

You will not be allowed to have a passenger or go on the motorway, either, until you pass your full license. With a 50cc moped, you aren’t allowed on the motorway at all. Given a CBT usually lasts for around two years, we recommend using all of those two years to get used to what you can and cannot achieve from the seat of your moped.

We recommend reading a bit more about riding a moped here.

How fast can my 50cc moped go?

The main question that we see when people look at new mopeds 50cc and above in power is how fast can they go?

What can one of our 50cc mopeds give you in terms of top power?

The majority of 50cc mopeds will be limited to a speed of around 30mph. If you buy a scooter of this kind, then, you should find it nice and easy to pick up your scooter and start driving it around town at a decent pace. That pace should feel safe enough for most residential driving journeys, though not enough for larger roads. Please keep that in mind when deciding on what new mopeds 50cc you’ll consider from our store.

Also, keep in mind that anyone aged 16-17 will have to stick to the cap. They are not allowed to handle a vehicle over the 28mph speed limit until they are over the age of 17. Keep this in mind, as you could buy a vehicle that is simply too fast for you to go on the road with legally.

What should I buy?

At Direct Bikes, we’ve got a fine collection of 50cc new mopeds to pick from. The main question that you might have, then, is which one would be the best suited to you?

The main thing you want to know when looking at new 50cc mopeds is to make sure you buy one that is safe, sound, and secure. To help you do that, we recommend that you take a looking at the following two 50cc mopeds.

Both come highly recommended due to their handling, their durability, their fuel economy, and their affordable price when you first buy them. If you are looking to buy a 50cc moped that you know can handle the challenge of getting around town without any issue, then take a look at the following.These are two of the most popular mopeds in our collection!

The 50cc Scooter

The name itself might sound basic, our the 50cc Scooter is a very popular 50cc model in the United Kingdom. It’s a fashionable model that you will see on roads regularly. Known for its brilliant fuel economy and its easy to drive style, not to mention a sleek and sporty frame, the 50cc Scooter is a wonderful starting point for anyone looking for a new purchase.

It makes the most of all 50ccs of its power, with a sporty 4-stroke engine ensuring that you can boot about the place with total confidence. It’s a solid twist-and-go solution that should help you to drive around in your full glory and enjoyment. It’s easy for getting around in, and it should ensure that you can get around local areas with an absolute minimum of fuss.

It’s a good choice for making sure that you can get a quality new moped, too, fitted with all of the modern effects that you would want. It’s even available in a few flashy, colours, too, so you can easily pick up a top quality moped to drive around the place whenever you want to commit to making that purchase a reality. This is definitely one of our best models for those who are searching for consistent value in their bike purchase.

50cc Milan Scooter

Our50cc Milan Scooter is easily among the most popular models out there for those who are seeking to look stylish. The Milan is a fine choice of scooter for those who want to get something affordable and stylish, all the while getting access to a simple electric push-button started scooter. It’s fully automatic, too; you simply twist and go!

It’s a big reason why so many people are looking at getting a scooter if they want something easy to drive around. It comes with some nice, neat accessories that can further improve your driving experience as well.

By carrying that classic Milanese look, too, you are very much in a good place.

Looking to buy one of the best new mopeds 50cc? Then take a look at this pair. Bought at the right time, you could be left with a moped that lasts you for many years to come!

With easy purchase and UK-wide delivery managed by Direct Bikes, this is just the right place to start. Take a look at our popular 50cc mopeds, and you should really feel progress as a rider. It’s all about making a choice to buy a ride that you can feel 100% comfortable riding. So, make your buying decision a whole lot easier and buy a brand new scooter from our store today.

Instead of settling for second best, let us help you buy number one without paying first rate prices!

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