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Scooter 125

Scooter 125

  1. Scooter 125 Spyder
  2. Scooter 125 Milan
  3. Scooter 125 Python
  4. Scooter 125 Scorpion
  5. Scooter 125 Tommy
  6. Scooter 125 Cruiser

When it comes to buying a scooter 125 from Direct Bikes, we look to give you diversity in your available options. When you choose to buy from our store, you’ll be picking up a brand new scooter. Every model of scooter, moped, and/or bike that we sell is brand new. We don’t sell used models, so you don’t have to worry about a cast-off or a problematic second-hand buy. With Direct Bikes, you are buying brand new. The only “problem” you might have is choosing from our tremendous selection!

If your eyes are on a scooter 125, we recommend you buy from our store today. We’ve got some great models to pick from, starting at just £1,099. With every one of our models being brand new and coming with a FREE £49.99 top box, we make buying brand new easy. Affordable prices, excellent running costs, and tremendous upfront value – what more could you ask for?

That’s why if you are looking for a scooter then you should definitely buy from us. All of our models come with the promise of delivering on everything we have just mentioned. Where, though, should you start looking when it comes to our 125 scooters?

The 125cc Milan Scooter

A very fine choice for just about any rider is our deeply popular 125cc Milan. If you are looking for a scooter that is very much in the old-school style, start here. Though built with modern frameworks and technology, it’s got that retro scooter look. Available in a rich red, boisterous black, or stylish silver, we make sure you get a scooter that looks and feels just right.

It’s been built to give you the chance to buy a scooter 125 that looks good, feels good, and drives comfortably. Why settle for anything else? You have no need to do so. Powered using a 4-stroke motor, this gives you excellent performance and reliability.

Add in the exceptional fuel mileage, and you can spend far less whilst getting back far more in return. It’s an eye-catching, high quality scooter that is great for trips into town. If you want to drive anywhere in the UK, though, this is totally suitable for larger roads.

So long as you have your full driving license, you could kick this up to the full 60mph top speed. For a reliable and safe scooter, then, be sure to look at the 125cc Milan!

The 125cc Spyder Scooter

Next up on our list of popular scooter 125 choices is the 125cc Spyder. Hugely popular due to that modern and low profile frame, this is a truly contemporary choice. It looks great and comes with a very professional body design. Not only will you have amply storage space under the seat, too, but it has plenty of weight balancing. So, even if you fill up that storage spot it shouldn’t feel too heavy or weighted!

The Spyder makes a good choice for anyone who wants to find a 4-stroke engine powered scooter. It’s got a good top speed of 60mph, too, and can give you rapid acceleration. If you need to go up or down the speeds, it can easily find your ideal speed. Available in both black and white, too, it should be incredibly easy to choose your ideal colour scheme.

Simply pick based on your own personal preference, and you really should have no problem. However, the Spyder is one of our go-to choices for those who want something with a race-inspired body. With good top speed, simple acceleration, and great handling, it’s a brilliant investment for just £1,099!

The 125cc Cruiser Scooter

Another fine pick from our store at Direct Bikes is the 125cc Cruiser. The Cruiser is a very, very powerful scooter that can give you a simple jaunt around town. With a top speed of around 60 miles per hour, it’s powered using a 4-stroke engine. This allows for you to hit top speed quickly and easily. So, you can then easily either choose to glide, cruise, or boost your way to your chosen destination. Capable of reaching top speed very easily, this is a good choice for speedsters as much as it is for cruisers.

If you order the Cruiser, you’ll be buying a bike with plenty of nice features. The large and comfortable seating is amply sized for two people. This lets you (presuming you have your full license) bring a passenger without any cramming.

The large storage space that you have underneath, too, should make the Cruiser a fine choice for professionals. If you want to make sure you can get around on a quality bike without losing much space, go for the Cruiser. It really is the perfect choice for a top quality 125cc scooter with reliability, consistency, and durability in mind with every fitting.

Why choose a scooter 125 from Direct Bikes?

We want you to get the easiest and simplest buying experience when you come to Direct Bikes. That’s why any 125 scooters that you buy from us will come with:

  • The promise that your bike is brand new and never been driven before – by anyone!
  • The guarantee that you get a bike that’s capable of a reliable yet safe top speed.
  • Improvements in conditioning and build quality compared to any used model.
  • 1-year warranty provided that covers unlimited mileage in that first year of riding.
  • All the support that you need with paying for your bike, with up to £5,000 borrowable.
  • Assistance and expert input on how to manage road tax and scooter insurance.
  • Simple, UK-wide delivery within one to three working days of your purchase.

If any of this sounds like it could be of use to you, then you need only give us a call today. We’re just a message away if you would like to either book in a bike to buy or would like more information about our wares. Whatever you choose that you need, the Direct Bikes team can live up to expectation.

Let us help you make what is often a complex and confusing purchase become a whole lot easier today. From expert input to UK-wide delivery of your online purchase, we make buying a scooter simple. So, why not make the most of that simplicity?

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