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New Mopeds

New Mopeds

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When you want to buy a moped for the first time, one thing you need to consider is the newness of the model. At Direct Bikes, we only sell brand new mopeds so that you can buy without uncertainty. Buying used can come with all manner of issues, whereas buying new means buying free from problems. Does that not sound like an investment worth making?

When you choose to buy one of our new mopeds, you might believe that you are going to pay more. However, that is the not the case at all. With a new moped from Direct Bikes, our prices start at only £959. For a 125cc model, it’s only £1,099 to start with. That’s a tremendous starting price for some of the best brand new scooters on the market today!

Also, the benefits of choosing to buy new is not something that you should ignore. If you are serious about buying a good quality moped, then you should take the following ideas into mind. It will help you to make an investment that you can be happy with, and one that is going to help you keep moving forward as a driver. So, why should you always choose to buy new from Direct Bikes?

Direct Bikes mopeds last for longer

The first reason is purely down to longevity. When you buy a moped from our store, you want to know that you could still be driving it in a decade. In the auto world, though, longevity is often a dangerous word. If you are looking to buy a moped, then you should look to buy a new one purely on how long it will last. Luckily, every Direct Bikes moped is built to last for the long-term. So long as you care for the bike as is expected, you’ll get many years of service from it.

If you want to make sure you aren’t having to go back to the same dealer and buy a new moped in a year or two, then make sure you buy new. New mopeds are far less likely to have structural issues. This should ensure that it manages to last for much longer for you. Keep that in mind, and you can easily buy a moped that you think suits your needs.

New mopeds retain their value

One of the most important things about buying a new moped, though, is that it will last for longer in terms of value. When you buy a new vehicle, most of the time it will have seen a chunk of its value wiped off overnight. With the help of a new moped, though, you can make sure that if you buy from the right people (and you care for the model) that it will retain its value for the long-term.

The last thing that you want to do is to have to sell your moped and find that it has next to no resale value. Buying new ensures that you are not trying to sell something that arrived with problems. This will mean that when the time comes to sell, it’s much easier to show the buyer that what they are buying is worth the money. Our scooters are not only sold at tremendously fair prices, but they can retain their value if you manage to keep the scooter in good, lasting condition.

Our mopeds are generally more efficient

Another reason why we recommend you buy from our new mopeds is to buy an efficient, reliable model. This is great for making sure you aren’t going to be wasting valuable time and/or money on a scooter that isn’t efficient or reliable.

From how fast they can go to how long a moped will last, you tend to get more out of our mopeds. They are going to give you better fuel economy for the most part, too. For the average driver, those extra savings can really go a long way to helping you understand what you are buying into. This will help you to see a big saving over the year, spending far less on petrol and running costs. That’s why so many people trust Direct Bikes models; they are affordable and reliable.

Buying a used model might mean paying less today, that is true. Over the year to come and especially over the lifespan of your scooter, though, you will pay far more in petrol costs. A good new moped should provide you with a fuel economy of around 100 miles per gallon of petrol. If you are not getting this or something similar in size, then you have to find out why that is.

You can drive easier on a new moped

One thing to note about all new mopeds is that they tend to have much better handling. The wear and tear on every part of the vehicle when you drive a scooter is going to make it handle worse. This cannot be avoided; it’s simply what happens through wear and tear. If you choose to invest your money into new scooters, though, you know that it will arrive in the right kind of condition.

Keep that in mind, as it will be the difference between a safe drive and one that feels increasingly dangerous. if you would like to spend more time enjoying the driving experience that you have in mind, then you should always look to buy new. You will be shocked at the big difference that driving a new vehicle can provide in terms of comfort as you pick up the pace.

With one of our mopeds, you can easily get around without any of the difficulty you would have expected. A new moped is one built to last, and one that should have all of the modern features you would expect. With our tremendous prices and our affordable moped costs, you can buy a moped without a single issue. Take a look at our store today, and you’ll find it super-simple to buy a moped without having to spend too much!

With Direct Bikes, you are buying a moped that arrives in brand new condition. With the price you pay, you can make sure you get a tremendous deal. So, why not invest in a moped that can be brought right to your door?

Contact us today if you need any help or assistance in buying a moped. We’ll make sure you can buy a model that feels exactly right for your own personal experience.

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