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Scooter Buy

Scooter Buy

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When you want to buy a good scooter, you can make the purchase so much easier by using Direct Bikes. With so many scooters to pick from, we’ll be sure to have something that ticks every box. As a leading bike vendor in the United Kingdom, we can make the process of buying your chosen vehicle much simpler. Simply take a look at the various scooter buy options we have, and you can easily pick out a model that you can drive for years to come.

If you want to make sure that you can buy a scooter, then we recommend that you take the following ideas into mind. As you look through our catalogue of scooters, this can help you to know exactly what you are buying.

Before you go out and make the scooter buy you intended, we recommend you think about the following.

Our scooters are extremely affordable

The main thing we recommend you do when you go to buy scooters is to have a budget in mind. If you are buying new (every Direct Bikes model is brand new), then you can find models priced at just £959. This helps you to find a brand new scooter and buy it for a brilliant price.

Let us help you work out what kind of scooter would be good for you. We have numerous options to choose from in the 50-125cc range. This helps you to pick up a brand new scooter with high top speed, all without spending too much.

Listen to your gut – and listen to your wallet. If you want to buy a bike today but lack upfront finance, then you should look into getting scooter finance. Our finance program is designed to take the pressure off you, so that you can get the best value for money possible. This is aimed at everyone, from those with Bad to Excellent credit ratings.

Know what you want to use your scooter for

At Direct Bikes, we sell scooters to people from all kinds of backgrounds. We sell to people looking to manage small inner-city commutes. We also sell to people who are looking to go on long-distance road trips.

For example, if you buy a scooter for getting you to and from work it has to be fast. This means that buying a conventional 50cc scooteris likely suitable for commutes to and from work in the same city. You should know that a 50cc scooter is normally capped at around 30mph maximum in terms of speed. For those who might have to go outside of the city, though, especially on A roads, that might not be enough.

Unless you live and work locally, you should be looking at 125mph models. Those with a full driving license can go on a motorway with any size of model. We recommend that you look to buy a scooter that is going to be suited to the driving you need to do on a daily basis. At Direct Bikes, we can point you in the direction of a scooter that fits with your lifestyle aims as well as your budget.

With bikes affordably priced, you can also benefit from excellent mileage. All of our mopeds and scooters come with a 100mpg mileage, if not higher. Unless you intend to only drive locally, you should look to make a scooter buy for something that uses a 125cc engine. This can get you speeds of up to 60mph, which is far more suited to driving on motorways.

How do you like to drive?

Another factor comes into the transmission side of things. If you are someone who hates dealing with gears, then you will love the majority of our 50cc and 125cc mopeds. They give you an automatic transmission, giving you a ‘Twist & Go’ control system.

In fact, many of our scooters are simply a twist and go mechanism – no need for gears, just pull on the handlebars and speed up!

Driving this way is the best solution for most people who choose to buy a scooter. It will ensure that you can pick up the speed easily, and that you only need to keep your eyes on the road. Given most people who buy a scooter are going to be first time drivers, or young drivers, this is very useful. We recommend any driver looking to reduce distractions invests in an automatic scooter.

However, if you would prefer to drive a manual transmission vehicle then we can that for you as well. We have 125cc scooters which are driven using the standard gearbox options you might be used to in a car. This gives you the option to choose. So, take a look through our growing stock selection and you’ll very easily pick out a top quality scooter buy.

Contact us if you have any questions at all about buying a scooter from Direct Bikes. With easy payment handling through our website, you can make buying a bike a piece of cake. Delivery is handled quickly, too, with delivery promised within three days of receipt of payment.

Appreciate your body size

However, before you buy a scooter from us at Direct Bikes, we have one more thing for you to consider.

The last thing we want to mention is the size of your body. If you hop onto a scooter, then you want to make sure you can drive it without too much issue. This means driving it comfortably. If you find that you are having to stoop down to sit comfortably, or that your knees are too close to your chest, then keep on looking. Scooters are suited to tall drivers, but you need to be ready to look around to find a scooter that you can feel genuinely comfortable taking control of.

All of our models are designed to be as comfortable as is possible to ride in the first place. We’ve designed all of our models to suit almost any size of person.

With that in mind, we recommend that you only make a scooter buy once you know how you fit on it. Simply tell us your size and weight, and we should be able to tell you how suited a particular model is to you. Some scooters suit smaller people, while some are more suited to larger people. Size might be the last thing you look at, but it’s very important to making sure you can stay on the road and enjoy your drive.

So, make sure that you look into all of the above when you make a scooter purchase. If you do that, then you should find it much easier to buy a good quality scooter today. When you feel ready to buy a scooter, contact us today. We can put in place a plan to get you the scooter that you choose to buy within three working days of payment. Let’s get you on the roads ASAP!

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