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Road Legal 50cc Bikes

Road Legal 50cc Bikes

For any Briton looking to join the driving club, one problem you will often have is buying a road legal bike. Road legality is a commonly confusing term, with certain models of car/bike needing more/less than others. This is why if you intend on becoming a driver, you should look to understand what you can actually buy. For example, what are road legal 50cc bikes?

The term 50cc means 50 Cubic Centimetres. This is more or less the size of the engine in the device. For something at around 50cc, you can expect to have a vehicle that is powerful relative to walking speed. Typically, you could pick up a road legal 50cc bike that can take you to speeds of around 28mph to 30mph. That is often more than enough if you intend on only driving in slower domestic zones. Going on a motorway with a 50cc device is often not recommended. Before we look at anything like that, though, let’s take a moment to look at what ‘road legal’ actually means. Road legality is such a confusing term – especially when it comes to the grey area of driving a 50cc machine.

What is 50cc then?

So, 50cc is the most commonly seen speed classification for a moped or scooter. They are the most commonly seen engine size alongside 125cc. For most beginner drivers, a 50cc engine is what you will get the chance to learn and hone your skills on. CC related to the size of your engine, and the kind of power output that it is capable of.

50cc engines are among the smallest engines that you will find in any kind of motorised vehicle. It’s important to note that, as you will usually find that 50cc is your ‘starter’ range. Most of the time, a 50cc model is going to be powered using a Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT. This is also known as Twist & Go, meaning that it is fully automatic. No gear changes needed with just about any kind of 50cc model you buy today!

You simply twist the handlebars toward you, and you should notice yourself picking up speed. Note that while you can ‘only’ do 30mph of speed with a road legal 50cc bike, you can accelerate from 0-30 in very little time. This gives you a tremendous feeling of power – even at 50cc.

Can I go faster than 30mph?

In some cases, you can find 50cc models which are capable of hitting a speed of around 40mph. However, it is important to note that these are often a fair bit rarer than you would have expected. This will allow you to drive in fitting with government regulations, though, so you won’t be going too fast. This will mean that you can pick up enough pace to get you around a city fast, but not much else.

Road legal 50cc bikes are permitted to go on the motorway. However, we have to be honest and say that we would never purposely recommend you do this. Driving even at 40mph is going to see you on the lower end of the speed scale on a motorway. In the event of a need to change direction or to change lanes, you might not be going fast enough to do that safely.

Riding your 50cc legally

Now here is the confusing part when it comes to talking about road legal 50cc bikes. You will find that you are not permitted to ride a 50cc bike until you reach the age of sixteen. Once you are of the age of 16, though, you are more than capable of riding a bike of this capacity – so long as you go and get what you need.

The vast majority of 50cc bikes are built with people aged 16-21 in mind. They are mostly meant for ‘young’ drivers, though you can obviously drive one at any age so long as you are legally covered. To drive a 50cc bike, you don’t need a full driving license. Instead, what you will need to do is pass what is known as your Compulsory Basic Training, or your CBT. The CBT involves both practical and theoretical tests, and you must pass both of them. Both can be passed in a single day, with all of the information that you need given to you during the test. However, please note that there is no stipulation that you *must* pass in one day.

Your instructor has the right to keep asking you to go around the testing until you get it to the correct standard. Once you have passed both of those CBT tests, though, you are permitted to drive with your L plates on.

You cannot, though, have a passenger nor can you go on the motorway. Once you are the age of 17 and you have completed your practical and theory tests, though, you can take off the L plates – even without your full driving license.

Taxing and insuring your 50cc

Remember though that you cannot just hop on the road the minute you get your 50cc. Any road legal 50cc bikes are going to be safe to drive only once you have given it both scooter tax and scooter insurance.

Road tax is often very, very cheap on a 50cc engine. They are so cheap and affordable to run that road tax is often very small. You will also need to go through the process of getting scooter insurance.

If you do get insurance and you buy a model that is right for you, though, you can start enjoying driving around to your hearts content. Just be sure to listen to any kind of information that you can get from a more experienced driver. And if you want to buy a proper road legal 50cc bike, make sure you buy something new.

Companies like Direct Bikes sell top quality road legal engines you can start driving as soon as you get them insured. Don’t settle for something needlessly dangerous; buy a new 50cc bike and enjoy driving with total confidence. Follow all of the information in here, and you should be driving around without any issue in no time at all!