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New 125cc

New 125cc

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When you want to buy a new vehicle to ride around from Direct Bikes, you have many options. If you want to get out of the car and onto something a bit more personable, you might choose to go down the route of buying a scooter or a bike. With the help of a scooter or a bike from Direct Bikes, you can pick up a new vehicle that will totally change how you come at driving on the road. We recommend that anyone who is looking to experience riding from the freshest perspective does from with a 125cc engine motorbike or scooter.

For many riders, 125cc is the ideal half-way house between ferocious power and comfortable handling. If you are riding a bike, then you are likely to find something with a lot of top speed and acceleration. At 125cc, you are limited to 60 miles per hour on a scooter, and around 70 miles per hour (maximum) on a motorbike. All of our models come with the top speed for each particular explained.

At 60mph, you’re driving fast enough to drive anywhere you need to at a legally safe top speed. Also, unlike smaller models, a 125cc vehicle can easily keep up with the pace and the demands of A roads.

However, if you are going to buy a bike then we recommend that you look at buying a new 125cc through Direct Bikes. With our rich selection of both 125cc scooters and 125cc motorbikes, we can make sure that you can find it much easier make a purchase that you will be happy with. We recommend that you look to try out a new 125cc model if you want to make driving feel safer. Why, though, is buying new such a positive feature?

Why should you look to buy your bike brand new?

Why you should always buy a new 125cc over a used model

  • Buying new means that you know the bike has no previous blemishes or problems either on the bodywork or under the hood. That can give you total confidence & peace of mind.
  • At the same time, if you choose to buy new from Direct Bikes you are buying a vehicle that comes with a 1-year warranty. This includes unlimited mileage, too!
  • Buying new also ensures that you are buying a vehicle that is built with the latest hardware and technological knowledge. That gives you confidence in how the vehicle should ride.
  • You will get the best mileage and the freshest performance from a new 125cc model. The engine and all its associated parts are clean as a whistle, allowing for 100% efficiency.
  • Buying new offers much more support if you find it hard to make a choice. At Direct Bikes, we will be more than happy to help you make a choice over what bike you should buy.

We understand that buying a bike can be tough, so you should come and speak to us about our new models that we have in stock for you today. With so many new bikes to pick from, you need only reach out for support if you need any information whatsoever.

Why should I choose a 125cc model?

When looking at engine sizes, we know how easy it is to get seduced by something ferocious and powerful. Something in the 250cc range and above, though, is not suited to young riders and beginners. That’s why with your Compulsory Basic Training, you could start riding a 125cc motorbike from the age of 17. You could even ride a 50cc moped from the age of 16!

250cc and above, though, requires you to go out and get your full motorbike riding license. As such, you might find that the learning curve is too steep. If you would like to avoid that mistake, then we recommend that you look to buy a 125cc model instead. It will give you the opportunity to learn how to ride safely, whilst giving you the opportunity to feel top speed.

Depending on the vehicle you choose, a good 125cc motorbike can give you top speed of around 60-70mph. A new moped with a 125cc engine could give you speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Again, we make sure that all models break down the top speed on our website, so be sure to check them out.

That is very fast, but it’s not going so fast that you feel out of control. You can handle just about any typical 125cc model without the difficulty you would find stepping up to 250cc. As such, this tends to be a much more forgiving and friendly way for you to learn how to become a rider. For new riders and those looking to learn slowly, then, going above a 125cc engine is not recommended.

Why should I buy my new 125cc through Direct Bikes?

  • For one, we make sure that you have some of the best choice to pick from in all the United Kingdom. We’re a dealership who prides ourselves on quality and quantity.
  • Ordering online could not be any simpler, either. You simply add your chosen model to your cart and use our secure payment processor to put the payment through.
  • This allows you to easily select from both 125c motorbikes and 125cc scooters. Now, you can easily compare side-by-side the various models we have and make a choice.
  • Our prices are excellent, with our 125cc models starting at just £1,099. This gives you the opportunity to easily pick up a vehicle for a price you can easily afford.
  • We also offer help with finding scooter insurance. If you want to buy a brand new model and get it insured and road taxed quickly, we can help you to do that.
  • We also have a very friendly finance program. Even those with a low credit rating should find that we have the options that you need to make buying a new vehicle affordable.
  • Our delivery times are excellent, with one-day delivery available. We also offer standard UK-wide delivery, with a delivery time of just three working days.

Not sure what model would be best for you? Then all that you need to do is reach out and let us know. We can then take a look and work out what would be the best choice.

If you want to make the most of your options on the road, then we recommend that you come and take a look at what we have for sale today. At Direct Bikes, we make sure you are always picking from brand new models that you can trust. Come and speak to us today, and we’ll make it easier than ever to pick out a brand new vehicle to suit your needs and your budget.

Every rider is different, so let us help you find the ideal bike for you!

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