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Road Scooters

Road Scooters

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When you are looking at buying a vehicle, one thing you might look into is buying a scooter. Scooters are very popular for a lot of people who want to start riding something that is not a car. If you are sick of going for a car or using public transport, then you should look at buying one of the many road scooters available through our store at Direct Bikes.

At Direct Bikes, we are rated as among the best vendors in the UK for all kinds of road legal scooters. With our prices starting at just £959 for a new road scooter, you can get some tremendous deals through our store!

We also sell some electric scooters, if you would prefer something like that. Please keep in mind, though, that road scooters tend to be petrol engine powered. Any road scooter that you buy should have at least an engine size of 50 Cubic Centimetres (CC). While you could drop somewhat lower, such as to 49cc, you should always look to stay near to 50cc.

The next step up from 50cc for most riders would be 125cc. At Direct Bikes, we can give you easy access to buying both engine sizes brand new. However, you just need to decide what kind of scooter would be suited to you. Do you need something for a leisurely cruise around the local area? Or are you looking for something more user-friendly overall?

Picking the right scooter type

The main thing to keep in mind is top speed. Top speed is the main deciding factor in what kind of scooter you would buy. For example, are you new to driving entirely? Then you might wish to look at buying a 50cc engine scooter. The main reason is that these scooters are limited to a top speed of just 30 miles per hour. While that might sound like a lot, it’s really not. One thing you will find is that a scooter that is suited to driving on the road will need good acceleration.

One thing that all 50cc mopeds have is brilliant acceleration. 30mph is enough to get you out of most tight spots. However, it will mean regularly going from close to 0mph to 30mph in a short space of time. With a 50cc scooter, you can soon pick up the pace and get out of a dangerous situation. That’s why our 50cc mopeds are a good choice for most young drivers.

Buying a 50cc scooter

You have many options when looking at the various 50cc scooters out there today. Given that 50cc scooters are capped at the 30mph speed limit, you can buy one without having to worry about speed changes. The main changes come in things like fuel efficiency, transmission type, and the physical appearance.

At Direct Bikes, though, every moped in our 50cc range is made to give you the best performance. From high fuel efficiency to easy handling thanks to Twist & Go gear systems, we make driving a scooter so much simpler. That’s why so many people choose to buy their 50cc scooter from Direct Bikes!

While physical appearance is almost always subjective, we highly recommend buying something that is fuel efficient. Typically, you want to be looking to be buying a scooter with a fuel efficiency of 100mpg plus. That’s’ a big reason why we always recommend that you go ahead with buying a 50cc scooter if you desire efficiency. While they might lack the roaring top speed of other models, it should be more than enough for most drivers.

If you intend to drive locally for the most part, then you should find that a 50cc scooter is more than enough for the most part. They are usually fast enough to get you to your destination, but slow enough that you never feel out of control or uncomfortable.

What if 50cc road scooters are too slow for me?

Then we recommend that you look at buying one of our125cc scooter models instead. This will give you a scooter that is designed to last for the long-term. At the same time, it will be designed to give you much more robust top speeds. Whilst durable and reliable, a 125cc engine can almost double your top speed. However, you should not notice a huge change in the handling conditions.

Buying a scooter like this should mean you get more top speed for handling things like driving on the motorway. This will allow you to drive much more confidently, too, as you will have the power to handle moving at top speed. As ever, though, we recommend that you take a look at getting a road scooter that is suited to your experience level.

If you are still getting used to the idea of being a bike rider, then we recommend that you take a look online first and foremost. You will find some great bikes to pick from, and you will find some good deals for beginner-friendly bikes and scooters. Don’t buy something beyond your skill level, or you might find driving to be less enjoyable. Take a look at our various models at Direct Bikes, and you should find it very easy indeed to go through with a sale you will be 100% happy with.

Why should I buy via Direct Bikes?

With so many options for places to buy from, we know that it can be tough to settle on a model or a particular style. That is why we always recommend that you look to make your purchase by going through ourselves at Direct Bikes. With a great quality and quantity of selection, you can soon hunt down the perfect model for you personally.

It will go a long way to making sure you can enjoy riding a bike that is made for your own skill level. With Direct Bikes, the quality of our bikes means that you are buying something that is suited to your skill level. Just ask their support team for advice based on your driving skill and your budget, and they can help you to pick out a model.

With excellent delivery services, too, Direct Bikes ensures that you can get a bike delivered as soon as possible. Usually, delivery can be handled in either three working days or for the next working day. Whatever you choose, though, you can rest assured that the road scooters sold by Direct Bikes can live up to their reputation. We’ll here to help you get on the road, so let us know what road scooters you are thinking of buying and we can make your purchase easier, simpler, and safer!

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