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Moto Scooter

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Direct Bikes has, since our inception, been helping people to pick out their ideal moto scooter. From young riders to experienced riders, we help people of all backgrounds pick up a great investment. However, some of our most common customers include parents looking to help their child buy their first ever vehicle.

As a parent, the last thing you ever want to do is put the health of your child at risk.And while the idea of putting your child on any kind of vehicle might sound daunting, you have no reason to worry. If you buy from Direct Bikes, you can be sure that you are buying a scooter that 100% lives up to your expectation.

With the right choice of vehicle, such as a moto scooter, you can help them to get around easily and safely. The main reason to look at buying a moto is that it could be the simplest, safest way to get your child in and around the local area. It’s also a smart investment as, from a running costs perspective, our scooters are among the best in the business!

Why should I think about buying a scooter for my child?

For one, your children need to learn where to drive somewhere. By the age of 17, most children will be curious and inquisitive about driving. If you let them learn by using a scooter, they get a safer induction.

Driving a scooter at a young age – often ages 17 to 19 – will mean driving at around 50cc. A 50cc engine has many limitations and is capped at around 30mph in speed. At age 17, though, you are allowed to hit a speed of 28mph.

The main reason why you should buy a scooter, though, is how easily they handle. Every scooter that we sell is easy to control, making it especially useful for a young rider. The main problem for young drivers is making split second decisions. Make the wrong choice in a car or on a fast bike, and it could be fatal. With a scooter, you often aren’t going fast enough to not have time to react. Most children will benefit from the added bonus of being able to learn quickly through the fact that 50cc scooter options are almost always the right pick for learning on.

When can my child start driving their scooter?

If you buy them a moto scooter, then you need to know when they can ride it. For the most part, you need three things to begin riding a scooter:

  • You must be the age of 16 or above. If you are not, you cannot take this test.
  • You must have a power limit of 50cc until you are the age of 17.
  • You must also have a fully insured and taxed scooter to take on the road.

To do this, you must also get two things – your provisional bike riding license, and your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). CBT training is the main thing; this is what gives you your skill if you wish to go on the road. Make sure your child does have their CBT certificate; a failure to hold that certification (valid for 2 years after passing) could lead to 6 penalty points and a fine of up to £1,000!

Luckily for an impatient 16/17 year old, though, CBT training should only take them a day. You are given a practical and a theoretical examination to pass, and if you can pass both then you are allowed on the road. At that point, you will be allowed to drive at speeds of 28mph. You also cannot have a passenger on the back – so make sure they aren’t planning on picking up their mates!

You also cannot go on a motorway, nor can you take off your L plates. If you wish to keep on riding once your 2-year CBT certificate runs out, then you either need to take your CBT again or go for the full driving test. However, we recommend that you always look to ensure they have everything in place before going to buy a moto scooter.

Once your child has gone through all of the above, they could easily ride a moto from our store. All of our products are 100% brand new, making sure you aren’t passing on any problems from previous owners. This allows your child to sit in the saddle and enjoy being the first-ever owner of their new scooter.

Taxing and insuring your moto scooter

As a parent, we recommend that you take the time to fill in your child on the massive importance of taxing and insuring their vehicle. Today, it’s so easy for a police officer to notice if you are not taxed or insured. Not only will a lack of tax and/or insurance mean you cannot drive; it will mean you will likely be banned from driving. Keep that in mind as you move forward, and it should go a long way to making sure you can keep things moving along nice and smoothly.

However, you can always get help with scooter insurance if you use our simple and easy to use comparison program onsite. Choosing our dealership makes sense, as we only sellnew 50cc scooters. This lets you to buy the scooter knowing that it is both easily insured for a young driver. Finding insurance on your own can be tough, so let us help you handle this important but time-consuming issue.

Once you get insurance, you will also need to get road tax. This should be quite easy to get, as most 50cc to 125cc scooters are going to be quite limited in terms of their power output. So, they should not cost you much to tax.

Get the right scooter today

At Direct Bikes, all of our scooters start at just £959 for 50cc models, and £1,099 for 125cc scooters. This gives your child an easy way to pick up one of the best scooters on the market, totally brand new. With our fair prices and our rapid delivery, delivering in just three working days, your child won’t be waiting long either!

Our aim is to help make sure that every rider – new or experienced – can get a great deal. With high quality scooters which are built to last, we’ll make sure that you can get far more bang for your buck. So, why not make sure that you get the right scooter today?

Let us help you understand exactly what you are buying. From our detailed on-site specifications to our extensive customer support program, we are here to help. If you feel ready to make a purchase, you can do so either over the phone or online. Simply hit ‘Add to Cart’ on our website, and you can push through the purchase with a few simple clicks.

With everything secured by our SSL-secured payment processor, too, you can feel safe knowing your payment is anonymous. So, if you want to make sure that you spend less and get more for your money, use Direct Bikes today.

Whether you are looking to buy a scooter for yourself or for your child, we’ll have something for you.

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