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Motorbikes Sale

Motorbikes Sale

  1. Motorbikes Sale
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    125cc Thunderblade Motorcycle


    £85 /month* klarna
  2. 125cc Assassin Motorcycle
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    125cc Assassin Motorcycle


    £111 /month* klarna

When you look through our motorbikes sale at Direct Bikes, you’ll notice we have plenty of options to pick from. We have some outstanding motorbikes on sale that you can pick from, giving you great value purchases. With our prices starting at just £1,099, we make it easier than ever for you to buy a brand new bike. No more settling for a second-hand model that you do not have to!

Our aim, then, is to make sure that every purchase of a bike from our store is informed with the right information. That’s why every bike on our store comes with detailed information, descriptions, and specifications.

if you choose to go down the route of buying a motorbike, you should probably to learn a bit more about what you are buying. All of our bikes come with clear details, and our customer support team can answer any queries you have. If you are looking to pick up a good deal in our motorbikes sale, then we recommend that you take the following information into account to help inform your decision.

What kind of bike have you tried before?

Are you new to riding? Then our 125cc motorbikes make the ideal place for you to begin your journey. These are more than fast enough to give a new rider all the enjoyment they need on the road!

If this is your first bike, then we recommend you stick to a bike speed of around 125cc. CC stands for cubic centimetres, by the way. The CC rating of your engine plays a massive role in making sure that you get a model that feels totally suited to what you need it for.

If you need any help at all in picking a bike, especially if this is your first ever bike, then contact us. We can give you more information based on what you can tell us about yourself and your riding history/habits. With that information, we’ll make sure you get a tremendous deal for a fantastic price.

How fast do you want to go?

The next question should come down to speed as much as anything else. The pace that your bike can go at will always become a matter of importance. If you want to drive fast, you naturally need to buy a bike with a higher CC. All of our 125cc motorcycles can give you a reliable top speed of 60 miles per hour. However, we also have models like the 125cc Sports RS that can hit top speeds of 68mph.

This will help you to move things along quickly and keep the pace that you were intending to go for. It’s a big reason of why we recommend that you should go ahead and buy a bike. With a motorbikes sale, you can easily pick up something more suited to your own personal driving needs.

Just be sure to think about what kind of speeds you would want to do. Anything over 68mph is going to need something higher than 125ccs generally. Take a look at each of the models in our motorbikes sale, and you can easily pick out a bike that is 100% suited to how you drive.

Where are you intending to drive?

Next, think about the day to day use of your vehicle. Many drivers who buy from us are looking for a motorbike they can use to ride to work, for example. If you choose to buy a bike, then buy one suited to your actual needs. If it’s just a bike for flying around and cruising, then you can normally be quite open minded about what you buy. If you choose to buy a bike for a particular purpose, like taking you to school/work, then you should get something with storage slots.

Always look into this kind of thing before you commit to buying any kind of bike. Knowing what you are buying will always matter, but it’s absolutely essential that you can spend some time working out what you will be using the bike for. This will help you to avoid making a purchase that you cannot use for the main reason that you intended. Just be sure to look at the bike closely.

Buy a bike to fit your body size

A common mistake for a lot of people is buying a bike that is not really suited to their body size. Direct Bikes makes sure that every single model we sell on our site comes with detailed size specifications. This means that you can easily buy the bike knowing exactly what size it will be when it arrives. If your aim is to buy a 125cc motorbike then you should look to make sure you fit on it. Get the size specs and then measure this out.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions at all about the size of our bikes; it might just help you make your purchase easier.

What are you willing to spend?

Another thing that we care about is making sure you leave our store with the best deal that you can. This is why all of our bikes in the 125cc range start at just £1,099. This is excellent value for money, making sure you can buy up one of our best motorbikes, brand new, without spending an excess. It will make sure you can get a lot of extra value. We can even help you out with our 125cc motorbike finance program, too.

So, if you want to make sure that you can buy a scooter then you can do so either upfront or in instalments. Whatever you choose, Direct Bikes has tremendous models that start at some of the fairest prices on the market today.

Insurance and taxation

One more thing: remember that you need to get both insurance and taxation for your bike. You can get help with bike insurance easily enough through our website, but taxation is something you normally have to handle on your own. Some 125cc motorcycles are going to be quite easy for you to get to grips with, at least in the most part. Some will be quite cheap to tax, too, so keep that in mind.

Contact us if you need any help at all with any aspect of buying your bike. From choosing a delivery time and date to picking out the right insurance package, we’re here to assist. Just contact the Direct Bikes team, and we’ll make sure you can make a choice that you feel 100% confident in. Whatever kind of bike you are hoping for, you’ll find something suitable in our motorbikes sale!

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