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Scooters for Sale 125cc

Scooters for Sale 125cc

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Direct Bikes loves helping our customers make sure they leave our store online with the perfect purchase. Suitable for newbies and for experienced riders, you can see our scooters all across the United Kingdom.

As a first time scooter buyer, you might not be too sure about what size of scooter you want to drive. If you want some help in making sure you can pick up a top quality scooter for sale, then you should take a look at the power of the engine. We have both 50cc and 125cc scooters on sale at Direct Bikes, giving you a fair amount of choice to pick from.

While price and aesthetics always matter, the most important deciding factor of any scooter is the engine. For the most part, the power of your scooter is going to be one of the most important factors in making sure you can buy a model you will be happy with. If you want to make sure you can buy a scooter that you will enjoy driving, it has to be quick enough – but not too quick!

That’s why our top speed for any of our scooters for sale 125cc is 60 miles per hour. This gives you a safe speed that is more than reliable enough to keep you safe, whilst making sure you aren’t losing time on your trip.

That is why we suggest you always start off by looking at our two main engines sizes: 50cc and 125cc. 50cc scooters are a good choice for those who intend to keep their driving to a more local style. If you intend on using your scooter for out of town commutes, though, one would be best served by investing their money into buying a 125cc scooter.

There are quite a few reasons for this, and we’re going to break them all down below.

125ccs are more suited to the motorway

The first issue that you are likely to have is that your vehicle is likely going to be most suited to driving on the motorway. This has been the case for some time. The reason is quite simple: a 50cc scooter is limited to hitting speeds of around 28mph to 30mph. While that is still very fast, it’s not exactly going to get you hitting the speed you need on a motorway!

If you choose to go on the motorway, you are taking a risk with a 50cc engine. It’s simply not strong enough, as you will capped to the speeds above. Given most people on the motorway are doing 50mph as a bare minimum, you should really find that you are out of your depth when on the motorway.

While you could in theory head on the motorway with a 50cc model, we cannot recommend it. Instead, it would be better to go on the road with a scooter that is safe enough for the actual driving experience. So, why not make sure you buy something suited to the demands of the motorway?

If you intend to buy a vehicle for hitting the motorways with, then you need something that you can rely upon to get you there and back in good time. With one of our scooters for sale 125cc, that’s going to become much easier.

50ccs are great for learning with

However, going at the speed of a 125cc engine (60-70mph) means going very fast for a beginner. You also need to factor in that most 50cc engines are going to have a fairly fast acceleration. By contrast, though, you could go from 0-60mpg in no time at all with one of our 125cc engines. You can find that you are accelerating too fast, especially if you are still getting to grips with the art of riding. At Direct Bikes, our recommendation is sticking to bikes that you feel most comfortable driving. Don’t put yourself under any needless pressure!

Keep that in mind as you try and work out what you are doing with your scooter. We recommend that you try out a 50cc moped if you are new to driving for the most part. It will give you the chance to get used to driving around in cities and the like. One thing you should always keep in mind with a 50cc is that you need to be prepared to go at full speed quite a lot just to try and beat the traffic in front of you.

Try and keep that in mind as you speed up, and you can find it a bit easier to get around on the back of your scooter. For newbies, though, sticking to 50cc is a good idea. However, any 125cc scooters for sale at Direct Bikes are designed for every kind of rider. So, don’t feel as if you have to start at 50cc if you don’t wish to. Speak to our team, let us know your riding experience, and wecan help you to make a more informed choice about your purchase.

You’ll spend more on a 125cc engine

However, when you are looking at scooters for sale 125cc or above you should be prepared to pay for it. Riding around on a scooter is a lot of fun, but you have to weigh up the fun of driving with the cost of driving. For the most part, you will always spend a bit more on buying a 125cc engine than you would buying a 50cc engine.

At Direct Bikes, our aim is to give you bikes which are affordable to buy and to ride in the first place. We have a top quality range of bikes, with our 125cc models starting at just £1,099. This gives you the chance to buy a brand new motorbike for the kind of price you would normally not be offered. We also offer bikes with excellent mileage and can give you help with both financing and insuring your bike. In short, we can help you to take care of everything in the one place!

For the most part, the main thing you should be doing is looking to buy a scooter for sale at 12cc if you feel like you can afford to run it. There is little value in buying a 125cc scooter, though, if you cannot afford to run it. With both 50cc and 125cc models giving you good fuel economy, though, you mainly need to worry about the upfront cost of your vehicle.

Take the time to look through our scooters, and make a choice based on what you learn. With every vehicle detailed clearly with information about how they ride, you can stay informed. Just take a look at all the information we have for you onsite, and you can easily buy a scooter for sale. Should you need any more information prior to going to the checkout, call or e-mail us today with your questions. We’ll get a response to you ASAP!

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