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Mopeds for Sale in Manchester

Mopeds for Sale in Manchester

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For anyone based in the northern city of Manchester, you might have your eye on a new vehicle. Getting around Manchester via car can feel like an expensive and time consuming experience. If you would like to avoid getting around via car, though, you have very few options to go with. You could walk, but who wants to walk around a freezing cold Manchester every evening?

You could take the train or get the bus. But we all know how expensive that can be, and how inconsistent and unreliable arrival/departure times are. If you would like to avoid that problem, then we recommend that you look to buy one of the many mopeds for sale in Manchester. At Direct Bikes, we make it easy for you to pick up a brand new moped today starting at just £959. It would be our recommendation that you look to go and buy a moped if you are looking for something that can:

  • Get you around Manchester and other assorted towns in the North with ease.
  • Ensure that you can drive safely and not pick up too much speed in the city.
  • Keep your petrol costs down without having to go anywhere on foot.
  • Bring everything that you need with you – including a passenger.

With a moped from Direct Bikes, the main challenge comes from buying the right model. We’re going to take a look at your two most common options below. They are 50cc mopeds, and 125cc mopeds. Why, then, are these the best options to go for when you want to find mopeds for sale in Manchester?

What should you look out for?

Buying a 50cc moped in Manchester

We recommend that anyone thinking about buying a simple moped for inner city travel starts at 50cc. One of our 50cc mopedscooters is a fine choice due to the fact that they are so easy to drive. With a speed cap of just 30 miles per hour, a 50cc moped is brilliant for beginners. If you have never ridden a bike before, this can give you the help that you need to build up your confidence and self-belief.

Another big benefit of going with 50cc is that you are going to be able to start and stop with complete simplicity. Most 50cc mopeds are powered using an Automatic transmission, too. This means that you can use their excellent Twist & Go speed options to pick up speed without having to change gears. For those who are new to driving, gear changing can be one of the most confusing aspects. Well, a 50cc moped will help you to solve that issue as soon as is possible.

With a 50cc moped, too, you are buying something that feels really easy to control and keep on the road. It feels perfectly suited to your needs if you are mostly going to be travelling around in the city of Manchester. A popular model of 50cc scooter is the 50cc Spyder. It’s a very good model for those who are looking for something sporty yet still beginner-friendly.

Take a look at each of the 50cc scooters that we sell at Direct Bikes, though. They make some very popular scooter models to pick up for those who are looking for speed, consistency, and reliability. If you want to enjoy a simpler scooter experience, start looking at our 50cc models. Making a purchase has quite literally never been easier!

What about, though, when you need something above the 30mph mark?

Buying a 125cc moped

Of course, at Direct Bikes we sell more than one engine size of scooter. Our other most popular range of scooters include the 125cc scooter. One thing about buying a moped is that you will be buying something with a speed cap.

At 50cc, you are limited to the fairly basic pace of 30 miles per hour. Buy a 125cc moped, though, and you can easily get something that is going to feel perfectly suited to your riding needs. With a 125cc moped, you get something that is a fair bit faster but also still very easy to handle. Any 125cc scooters and mopeds for sale in Manchester via Direct Bikes will be great for inner city riding.

The main difference, though, is the top speed. At 125cc, you are getting a bike that is going to help you pick up the pace, with a top speed of 60 miles per hour. That’s a big top speed, and it should go some way to making sure you can enjoy the ride as much as is possible. It will help you to enjoy driving both in the cities and outside. With a 125cc moped from our store, you are safely fast enough to ride on the motorways and the like.

This is why we recommend that if you are looking to buy mopeds for sale in Manchester that you review your circumstances. If you will want to be driving around on a moped that helps you to move swiftly, you should get a 125cc moped. It will give you enough speed to get around easily, whilst making sure you are still driving at a speed even a rookie could handle.

With delivery handled in just three working days, too, we make sure you can get your scooter as soon as is realistically possible. Since we offer UK-wide delivery, too, you don’t have to come and pick up your chosen model. Just tell us where you are, and we’ll be there with your brand new 125cc!

What should I buy?

Really, this is a choice that only you can make. We would not like to give you any kind of recommendations based on this. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where am I likely to try and go if I were to buy a moped? Would I stay in the city?
  • What kind of driving experience do I have? Could I handle going at 60 mph?
  • How fast so I need to go to get to where I want to be? Is 30mph enough for me?
  • Can I enjoy riding around on a scooter without storage space? Do I need storage?
  • Can I afford to put so much petrol into my scooter? What kind of mileage do I want?
  • How much can I afford to spend on the moped itself? What is my ideal budget?

Go through all of the above queries in your head, and it should help you to decide on the kind of moped you would like to drive. This should go a long way to making sure you can buy a moped that is going to be suited to you, and also one that will be suited to your lifestyle. With so many mopeds for sale in Manchester sold via Direct Bikes, though, finding a model shouldn’t be so hard.

You have plenty of choices to pick from, and a great support network. If you have any questions about the moped you are about to buy, then you should contact the Direct Bikes team. Our staff can break down all of the information that you have regarding the moped best suited to your driving style. So, if you want to buy a quality brand new moped for sale in Manchester, give us a call today. Or, take a look on our store – you’ll be almost certain to find just what you are looking for!

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