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Moped Dealers London

Moped Dealers London

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For anyone living in the city of London, you will know just how much of a drag it can be to get around. This is a city that is bigger than some parts of the United Kingdom - it's almost twice the populace of Scotland!

That's why so many people find getting around London so hard. Imagine trying to move around a city of over 10 million people fluidly. It's asking for a lot, right?

That's a big reason why many people who live in London have decided that having a car is simply not worth their time. How can you justify spending so much money on petrol just to sit in traffic jams and move at around 5mph for half the day?

London, though, is too big to traverse on foot. If you want to go somewhere, you need to hitch a lift, get a taxi, or use public transport. The former means someone still has to drive, though. The middle option means paying through the nose for a taxi. And the latter option means buying a train or bus ticket to get somewhat close to your destination - and pay a huge fee at that.

Public and private transport are too expensive, and personal transport becomes too costly due to traffic. What can you do? Simple: you can buy a moped. Mopeds are brilliant for anyone who is living in London. And with so many moped dealers in London to pick from, you can easily get around the place with a click of the old fingers.

Why is a moped suitable for a Londoner?

  1. The main reason is that you can get through traffic much easier if you are on the back of a moped. A moped allows you to move with total precision and freedom. This allows us to make sure that things can be done in a timely manner and get around without delay.
  2. Traffic is much easier to weave through. Yes, you still need to drive at a safe speed. What you will find though is that you can get more done if you go around on a moped, as you can get to the front of traffic and make sure you are primed to keep on moving without issue.
  3. This allows you to cut off valuable hours per week in your journeys. You will also spend less time blundering along in the car, moving a fraction of the speed that you could with a bike or moped. This means you get more done and spend less money on petrol sitting in traffic.
  4. You will find that you can generally move faster when you are on a bike. While you are still beholden to the same speed rules as anyone else, you can bob and weave easily. Scooters give you the agile handling that you need to move through the streets with ease.
  5. You will spend far less on owning a moped in London than you would paying for any kind of public/private transport.

Is a moped a good choice for me?

The only people who cannot get much use out of a moped in London are people who need passenger/storage space. With a moped, you can bring one person with you as well as a few bags and the like. Storage space on a moped can be surprisingly large, though, so you can still fit a fair amount on you. You could also wear a rucksack or backpack, giving you the space that you need.

While we wouldn't expect a plumber or joiner to trade in the van for a moped, most others can get benefit from it. If you only use your scooter for social commutes or for getting you to and from the shops, you can easily use a scooter to your advantage. This means no more time spent stuck in traffic, or at least for quite as long as you would normally.

Buying the right scooter is vital, though. If you choose to buy a scooter, you want to buy something that allows you to move swiftly. This means buying something in the 125cc range makes a lot of sense. You can pick up a 125cc scooter from moped dealers in London. This allows you to move quickly and to get more things done.

It also crucially means that you can keep driving quickly and easily due to the speed. If you want to go slower, though, a 50cc moped would cap speeds at 30mph. That is more than enough to make sure you can get around London traffic without being a risk to yourself or to others. Given traffic can be so slow anyway, this can be more than fast enough to make sure you can move around with the right degree of confidence.

Buying from moped dealers in London

So, with such a variety in dealerships to pick from, you might not be sure where to begin your search. We recommend that you look at buying from moped dealers in London who can give you new models only. Try and avoid buying used; it tends to cost you a little less for a lot more work. If it isn't expensive DIY work that you need to do, it's going to be costly to take it to a garage to solve the issues at hand.

That's a big reason why we always recommend that you buy a moped from a London dealership like Direct Bikes. they have excellent variety and they sell their own brand of scooters. This means buying something that feels 100% suited to who you are, and what you are doing. It means paying a fair price, around £1,000 to £2,500 depending in bike size and speed, for a new model.

Instead of buying used and having to go and get it repaired, buy new and benefit from doing so. If you choose to buy a new scooter, you should definitely do so through Direct Bikes. Make sure your scooter for driving around London is suited to you and your personal needs. Do that, and you'll love the returns that you get from driving this in the future!

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