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Mopeds 125cc

Mopeds 125cc

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For anyone looking to get into the habit of driving a moped, you need to make sure you pick the right kind of model. With so many mopeds on the road for you to pick from today, you can spend a lot more time than you would have intended looking to buy a moped. It's a big reason why we always suggest that you should look to review any purchase you look to make carefully. For example, what kind of engine power are you looking for? We recommend mopeds 125cc and below for beginners.

Why should I stick to the 125cc limit as a beginner?

As a beginner, you want to make sure you can handle the experience of driving first and foremost. If you choose to drive something above the 125cc limit, you can find it is too strong for you. The next step up from 125cc mopeds is going to be something in the region of 250cc. These can get you much closer to 100mph than you probably want to go if you are new to the art of driving.

With that in mind, we recommend newbies stick to the safer level of around 125cc. 125ccs is still very powerful and should allow you to hit speeds of around 60mph. That is still very fast and is more than fast enough to help you drive totally free on anything other than a motorway.

If you were to drive on a motorway, you would probably find that you are a touch too slow - but not too slow to safely drive. Overtaking and moving between lanes, though, can be tricky. At 60mph, though, you can drive just about anywhere that you want without losing too much time or effort. One thing to remember is that you will always be able to get a better deal when you choose to buy a 125cc moped purely because they come in such great variety.

The higher up the ladder you go, the more that you should expect to pay. If you would like to avoid paying an excess, then you should look to get 125cc mopeds as soon as you can. With something like that, you will be getting something that is fast but affordable. More than fast enough for a new driver, but more than affordable enough to avoid you blowing your budget apart.

Why should I avoid going higher than 125cc?

For one, you will find that you might struggle to stay in control. Any experienced driver will tell you that it is not about how fast you can go, but how fast you can handle going. For a young driver, going past 60mph and trying to maintain such a speed on a busy road is dangerous. That being said, 125cc engines can easily fly up from 0 to 60mph in a very short space of time.

This is more than enough to help you shoot out from tight spots and move safely if you are driving in most typical areas. However, one thing you will probably find is that if you try and do the same with a 250cc engine you would simply put yourself - and other drivers - at risk.

With the help of buying a 125cc engine, you are going to be fast enough to get out of a tight spot but not too fast to put yourself in said tight spot. Yes, it can be hard to get it right - but with enough planning, you should find it very easy to simply take off from the one spot. It's a big reason why we suggest you look to start your driving journey at around 125cc.

What if 125cc is too much for me?

The best thing that you can do at that juncture is to go and get a 50cc moped. Capped at 30mph for the most part, these are fast enough to give you a thrill but slow enough to help you stay in total command. Driving at 50ccs means you can fly around your local area and get used to things like traffic and knowing when to go and when to stay. They make a brilliant educational lesson for a young driver.

If you go and get a 50cc engine moped, you are buying a piece of hardware with plenty of firepower to it. You should find that this is good for helping you to stay on the right track as you ride, meaning that you never take needless risks. When you are capped in terms of your power, you are far less likely to take off and simply put yourself or other people at risk.

What should I drive then?

It really does come down to where you think that you would feel the most comfortable. For the most part, we would recommend that you look to drive a vehicle that is safe and simple. It should be easy for you to feel in control, but you should also feel truly confident when you are behind the wheel. With that in mind, we recommend that you start driving a 125cc moped if you are already a fairly skilled driver. If you are totally new to the aspect of driving, then you should get a 50cc moped and build up to a 125cc engine over a year or two.

Since you only need your CBT to drive a 50cc engine and you can rent 50cc mopeds with ease, we recommend renting one for a weekend. This would let you try it out with ease and see just how easily it's going to handle on the road. It's also going to let you know how comfortable and confident that you feel at 50cc. If you find 50ccs to be easy, then step it up and go for a 125cc model instead.

It's all about making the right choice when it comes to buying your model. Think about how fast you want to go, but also how fast you feel comfortable going. There's often a big difference!

Work this out, though, and buying your chosen 125cc moped will become a much easier task than you might assume.

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