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Do You Need a Cbt Test For a 50cc Moped?

Do You Need a Cbt Test For a 50cc Moped?

Are you thinking of taking on a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes? Good for you!

Getting on a 50cc moped is one of the most liberating and enjoyable ways to travel around the UK. 50ccs are fun, and with a top speed of 30mph they are quite quick. Also, the fact that our 50cc mopeds are all powered using an automatic transmission means you don’t have to change gears. All of this, then, can lead to a very fun, very satisfying riding experience. But how does one go about getting into riding?

How can you ride a 50cc moped? Do you need a CBT test for a 50cc moped?

What’s a CBT test?

This is your Compulsory Basic Training. In lieu of not having a full riding license, you would need to go and sit your CBT exam. This is going to give you the proof that you need to show that you can handle the basics of riding a bike. While it will come with some limitations, a CBT allows you to ride your 50cc moped to more or less its full potential. In fact, the only limits that you need to get used to with a CBT are:

  • You are limited to a top speed of 28 miles per hour at the age of sixteen.
  • You are not able to go on the motorway (you can’t do this with a 50cc anyway).
  • You cannot pick up any kind of passenger; you can carry items, but not people.
  • The L plates that you are provided with must stay on until further notice.

If you wish to start riding a 50cc moped, then you need to go and sit your CBT. Unless you already own your full motorbike driving license, then you could start riding without a CBT. Even if you own a full car driving license, though, you would still need to go and sit your CBT. The only exemption to this if you passed your driving test before the 1st February 2001. If you did, then you need only have your full driving license.

You wouldn’t even have to wear L plates or go and take your CBT course. However, even if you passed a full driving license after the 1st February 2001, you would need to get a CBT license. Once you get this, though, you could start riding your moped as soon as you are ready. You can then ride that moped for as long as you want – or until your driving license runs out.

If you are ever unsure about what you can and cannot do with a CBT license, come and speak to us today. Tell us what kind of driving credentials that you have, and we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice. All that we need to know is what kind of license(s) you hold today.

We can then help you to make the right choice, ensuring that you can pick up a 50cc moped for a tremendous price. Either way, we’ll make sure you are 100% ready to start riding.


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