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What Does 50cc Mean On a Moped?

What Does 50cc Mean On a Moped?

For anyone looking to buy a moped today, the one thing that might throw you is the ‘CC’ rating. When looking at our selection here on Direct Bikes, you will find that we have both 50cc mopeds and 125cc mopeds. This will give you access to a variety of powers, with a top speed of either 30mph or 60mph. Really, it all just depends on the moped that you choose to buy from us. What, though, is the CC factor?

For example, what does 50cc mean on a moped? Is this something you should be concerned about?

What does 50cc mean on a moped?

The main thing to think when you see this term is the meaning of CC. CC stands for Cubic Centimetres, and this is the size of the engine. This is going to be the actual size of the engine and its power output within the actual scooter. So, this is going to be capable of giving you a top speed of around 30 miles per hour.

Keep that in mind, as having a 50cc moped means investing in a moped with a top speed of 30mph. All 50cc mopeds from Direct Bikes are going to be 100% brand new, too, so you don’t have to choose to buy second-hand. With all of our 50cc mopeds starting out at just £999, we make sure you can get a brand new moped for the price you would normally pay for a used scooter.

Why does CC matter?

The simplest reason why you should care about the CC of any vehicle is that it will impact the top speed. It’s going to give you a good idea of what kind of top speed the vehicle could do. For example, our 50cc mopeds are all going to be capped at 30mph. Given that they are all managed using a continuously variable transmission (CVT), it means you don’t have to change any gears. This is why so many people like to go for a 50cc scooter; it’s safe, easy to drive, affordable, and quick to get started with.

One of the main reasons why you should pay attention to the CC is that it also determines what you can drive. For example, any 50cc moped from Direct Bikes can be driven if you have a provisional driving license and you have passed your Compulsory Basic Training. To acquire both of those deeds, you would need to be the age of sixteen at least.

By contrast, a 125cc moped from our package would need you to be at least the age of seventeen before you could start riding it. So, the CC matters as it will determine the actual power of the hardware itself.

If you are looking for an easy way to grasp and understand how to best choose from our collection, then, start with CC. The right choice of CC will ensure you buy a moped that you can start riding right away. What, then, do you think you would be most suited to riding from our store?


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