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Are 50cc Mopeds allowed On Roads?

Are 50cc Mopeds allowed On Roads?

For anyone thinking of buying a scooter from Direct Bikes, you have numerous choices to think about. We have many new scooters for you to look at, including scooters in the 50cc and 125cc range. However, the challenge with buying a scooter is making sure that you choose to buy the right kind of scooter.

Looking around the scooter industry, you can find numerous scooters and mopeds to pick from. That’s why we suggest that if you are looking at our scooters, you pick from our 50cc and 125cc ranges. However, it’s likely that you will have some questions about what comes next when buying a moped. For example, are 50cc mopeds allowed on roads?

If you were to invest in one of our scooters in the 50cc range, where can you take it?

Let’s take a look at what you can and cannot do when buying a 50cc moped. While every scooter we sell is brand new and totally safe to ride, we want you to know what you are limited to doing. Let us take a closer glace, then, at where you could take a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes if you chose to buy one today.

Are 50cc mopeds allowed on roads?

A 50cc moped can go on any road where a 30mph speed limit is going to be enough. That’s a big factor in the decision making process. We recommend that you try and avoid going on any kind of roads where you would be likely to be put under pressure for your top speed.

For example, a 50cc moped should not go on the motorway. It’s not going to be fast enough, regardless of your experience. You will be far below the average speed of your competitors on the road. As such, you should look to avoid going on any kind of motorway or any road with a 30mph plus speed limit.

The aim when driving a 50cc moped is to drive safely, economically, and comfortably. Driving at such an incredible pace is not going to be possible for this size of moped. If you do intend to drive on a road with a 30mph plus speed limit, take a look at 125cc scooter from our store instead.

Where you can even drive a 50cc moped comes down to your riding qualifications. If you are the holder of a CBT license, you are not legally permitted to go on the motorway with any vehicle. Even with a full driving license, though, a 50cc moped is likely to lack the power that you need to drive with any kind of safety.

So, we recommend that you take a look at buying a 50cc moped as soon as you can if you wish to drive locally. For trips that might make you go further afield, such as a motorway and/or A road, consider closely your next move. If you need to hit a top speed of above 30mph, consider an alternative vehicle.

For any trip on a road with a top speed of 30mph or below, though, a 50cc moped is just right for you. So long as you have your provisional license and your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) complete, you can ride a 50cc with ease. Given you can do this at just age sixteen, it’s easy to see why so many buy our 50cc mopeds!



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