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Cheap 125 For Sale

Cheap 125 For Sale

  1. Cheap 125 For Sale Spyder
  2. Cheap 125 For Sale Milan
  3. Cheap 125 For Sale Python
  4. Cheap 125 For Sale Scorpion
  5. Cheap 125 For Sale Tommy
  6. Cheap 125 For Sale Cruiser

Have you grown tired of riding around on public transport? You aren’t alone. At Direct Bikes, we sell many mopeds and scooters to people who want to take their transport into their own hands.

The cost of a season ticket when it comes to bus and train prices in the United Kingdom can be very prohibitive. For any British citizen looking for an easier way to get around without losing time or spending so much, you should look into buying a scooter from Direct Bikes.

With a scooter, you can go where you want, when you want, in good time and without large petrol costs. Compared to the price you’ll pay for public or private transport via bus, train, or taxi, it’s an excellent saving!

Today, you can easily pick up a scooter from our collection with a 125cc engine for a price of around £1,099. For a highly efficient vehicle that won’t incur large running costs, that’s tremendous value.

At Direct Bikes, most of our cheap 125cc bikes fall into this very reasonable price range. This help you to pick up a bike model that is affordable, accessible, and reliable. We will give you access to a bike that you can easily drive both in cities and on A roads (presuming you have the right driving license). That’s why we make sure that if you are looking for a cheap 125 for sale, you can find a model right here.

Our varied selection ensures that you can easily buy a cheap scooter without having to sacrifice quality.Who wants to spend less and get less? With Direct Bikes, you can spend less and get more. Does that sound good? If so, check out our growing list of mopeds today!

Who are 125cc mopeds/scooters good for?

Just about anyone who wants an all-purpose ride can get great value from a 125cc moped or scooter. With a moped from Direct Bikes, you can easily drive both in cities and outside of cities on motorways and wide-open roads. You normally will get a top speed of around 60 miles per hour if you pick up a cheap moped from Direct Bikes.

All of our mopeds with a 125cc engine can hit a top speed of at least 60mph. All models which can exceed 60mph will state this in the description. At 60mph, though, your chosen moped will be a good choice for you if you want something easy to drive on a motorway. 60mph is more than fast enough for all forms of driving in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the easy to handle nature of a 125cc moped makes it great for riding around in a city. Most Direct Bikes 125cc scooters make use of an automatic transmission. This means that it will be driven using a Twist & Go setup. All that you need to do then is tug on the handlebars. Your bike will soon pick up top speed, accelerating from 0-60mph in no time.

This is a big reason why so many people choose to get a cheap 125cc moped from Direct Bikes. Other more expensive models might be more suited to manual transmission drivers. If you lack the experience or the knowhow to drive with a manual transmission, though, that can be daunting.

Why is automatic transmission better for a moped or scooter?

An Automatic transmission is a common fitting for our 125 scooters at Direct Bikes. Why, though, is this such a good idea?

  • For one, you can easily crank up the speeds without worrying about gear changes. Changing gears is another thing to worry about. If you are a new driver, having peace of mind from dealing with gearbox changes can be excellent.
  • With a moped or a scooter, you are often having to break and accelerate at short notice. The Twist & Go nature means you are never going to be unable to accelerate quickly to get out of a tight spot. With an automatic transmission, it’s easier to escape.
  • You can enjoy an automatic transmission bike ride due to the simplicity. For beginners, you can find that your focus is on the road and the other vehicles. Not having to worry about changing gears at short notice is a great liberation.
  • This allows you to shoot from 0mph up to 60mph in a very short space of time. You can soon find that you are able to pick up a reliable amount of speed just by twisting your handlebars. This makes it easy to find out where your ‘happy zone’ is regarding the top speed you feel comfortable with.
  • Driving at this kind of speed, with so much control over the transmission, is great for building up your self-belief. You should feel much more likely to get around and drive comfortably.
  • For that reason, you should look at our automatic transmission models.

Buying a cheap 125 for sale from Direct Bikes

If you choose to buy a high quality bike from Direct Bikes, then one model you should look at includes the 125cc Python. The Python is a high quality sports model available in a very stylish, sleek black. Great for driving around cities and towns, and one of our most popular models for riders of all ages.

For those who want a more minimalistic style of scooter, you should go for the 125cc Spyder. The Spyder makes a tremendous choice of scooter for anyone who is looking to buy something a touch morediscreet. If you want to drive a scooter that won’t draw so much attention, start here.

Trying to find a more classic style of scooter? Then take a look at buying the 125cc Milan. The Milan is a top quality model for those who prefer a retro inspired scooter. It’s got the classic body and style, all powered with a modern 4-stroke motor for comfortable riding. This is a classic looking scooter combined with modern hardware and features.

On the other hand. the 125cc Tommy is another tremendous model for those who want a more low profile scooter. It keeps you nice and close to the ground as many old-school models will. It also has that classic glass panel in front of you as you ride, creating a very vintage looking scooter.

We recommend that anyone who is looking to buy a cheap 125 for sale look at our models on Direct Bikes. We have some of the best 125cc models around for you to pick from. This will ensure that you can choose a model that feels well within your budget, but also well within your capabilities when it comes to driving safely. Our main concern is to provide you with fun, value, and safety. All of the above models, and all of our cheap 125cc models, will do that.

We always recommend that you look to buy from our team at Direct Bikes, as we sell only brand new models. This means you can pick up a cheap 125cc scooter without having to pay so much. For a great value model without spending in excess, then, come and take a look at Direct Bikes. We’ll make sure you can pick from a great quality and quantity of bikes, all available for delivery within three working days. Sound like what you are looking for? Then take a look at our growing collection of scooters today!

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