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Can You Drive a Moped On a Car Licence?

Can You Drive a Moped On a Car Licence?

For anyone looking to get into moped riding, we know how you feel. At Direct Bikes, we’ve been helping riders to find their ideal bike for years. We know what it takes to find a quality moped, and we know what you need to do to find one. However, more important than finding the right moped is making sure you can actually drive it. To drive a moped, you will need to have the correct kind of vehicular license. One of the most common questions that we get asked by riders old and new is about the licensing issue.So, can you drive a moped on a car license?

We tend to get asked this all the time, and it’s a question that is actually very easy to answer. Let’s take a look at whether or not you would be able to fire out on the roads of the UK if you were to use a car license. If you are looking to buy a moped, then, what kind of license are you going to need here?

What do you think you will need if you want to start riding that moped?

Can you drive a moped on a car license?

So, while this is easy to answer, it does depend on when you went ahead and passed your driving license. For example, you can ride 50cc mopedswithout having to wear L plates if you have a car license. However, it does depend on when you were able to pass your original car license test. Did you pass your test on or after the 1stFebruary, 2001?

If you did, then you will be able to get a full moped license if you pass your car driving test and then complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course. If you complete your CBT, then you would be eligible to go and get a full moped license. This would mean that you could ride a moped, up to a 50cc engine, without needing to have L plates. Therefore, if you passed on or after the 1st February 2001 then you can ride a 50cc moped without needing L plates. You would not have to sit the full moped test. If you wish to ride anything above 50cc, though, you would need to get a full moped license for that.

So, if you want one of our 125cc mopeds, you would need to go and sit the full test.

If you passed your driving test before the 1st February 2001, though, you can ride a moped without your L plates. Better still, you wouldn’t have to go and take your CBT course or take the full moped test. You could simply start riding a 50cc moped without having to go and do anything else. So long as the moped is taxed and insured, you could start riding it right away.

So there you have it – now you know whether or you can drive a moped using your car license. It all comes down to when you were able to first pass your driving test for your car, basically!


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